A Detailed Beginners Guide to Bulking and Cutting

A Detailed Beginners Guide to Bulking and Cutting

Bulking and cutting explained in detail

Exercises are necessary for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Some even like to tone their muscles effectively to get a perfect look. Bodybuilding involves several techniques that allow a person to experience the desired outcomes. Those who engage in the bodybuilding process use certain techniques that can help obtain optimal results. Bulking and cutting are two techniques meant for bodybuilders to put on muscles and then cutting down. They allow people to achieve their goals before participating in a competition. Both of them aim at building muscles through dietary strategies enabling bodybuilders to gain more advantages.

What is bulking?

What is bulking?

Bulking refers to mass muscle building and gaining body fat through diet. It involves certain cycles and most bodybuilders perform them in the winter months. A bulking cycle means eating a surplus of food and lifting heavy weights that contribute to build muscles effectively.

How to perform bulking?

Bulking involves certain tasks and beginners should consider carrying out them in a gym carefully. There are so many bulking exercise you can find in our workout section. These are some of the best bulking exercises we recommend.

1. Standing military press

athlete man doing military press shoulder exercise

This exercise is a perfect one for gaining weight in the upper back, shoulders, and biceps. One should grab a barbell, select the weight, and raise the barbell to chest height. On the other hand, he /she should make sure that the palms are facing upward. It is advisable to hold the bar wider than shoulders and bending knees slightly. A person should bring the bars up to his/her collarbone and then pressing overhead while getting ready to lift.

2. Deadlift

man doing deadlift

A deadlift is the best exercise for gaining more weight in the legs, glutes, and other areas. The first step is to prepare a barbell properly before performing the activity.  People should place a barbell on the ground and add plates that fit their strength and fitness level.

In the second step, they should set the stance correctly to make sure that their feet are about shoulder-width apart to experience comforts. One should grab the bar with facing down palms and slowly raise the same to a standing position. He/she should squeeze glutes and hamstrings with more attention while lifting barbells.

3. Barbell hack squat

Barbell hack squat bulking exercise best

To perform this exercise activity, a person should start with a barbell with a weight based on the choices. It is necessary to sit on the floor in a squatted position and keep thighs parallel to the floor. A person should consider reaching back to grab his/her barbell with palms facing up and down. Apart from that, he/she should keep their core tight correctly while performing the activity.

Diet plan for bulking

Anyone who indulges in bulking exercises should consider following a diet plan to meetessential needs. It is wise to eat a caloric surplus that can promote significant muscle growth to a large extent. In fact, one should ensure that he/she gets adequate vitamins and minerals for accomplish goals in the bulking process.

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Some foods meant for bulking activity include fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, seafood, dairy products, nuts, seeds, etc. At the same time, bodybuilders should avoid certain foods while performing building exercises. They include alcohol, fried foods, and added sugars that can help prevent risks.

What are the advantages of bulking?

The primary advantage of bulking is that it helps to put on pounds that can help gain more weight. Apart from that, it includes compound exercises thatpave methods to increase hypertrophy. Bulking enables a person to strengthen his/her muscles effectively to ensure a better look.

What is cutting?

cutting workout plan for lean body

A majority of people think that cutting is about fat reduction which is partially correct. The primary objective of cutting is to burn excess fats without losing muscles. It involves a combination of workouts along with a balanced diet that helps to get a perfect shape.

How to perform cutting?

Bodybuilders who want to burn their fats through cutting techniques should consider carrying out some exercises to build their muscles.

1. Walking lunges

walking lunges cutting exercise for lean body

Walking lunges are the best exercises to target all major muscle groups that can improve the balance and core strength. The activity involves taking wider forward steps by bending the knees and lowering back knees. A person should stand with his/her feet roughly hip with the distance apart while performing the activity. Moreover, he/she should check the posture before starting the exercise. Beginners who want to know more about walking lounges can get more ideas from experts and other resources.

2. Barbell front squat

barbell front squat for cutting

Barbell front squat is a compound exercise that allows bodybuilders to target their lower body effectively. The activity puts less pressure on the spine compared to a traditional squat and one should place the barbell on the upper back. On the other hand, the squat needs the use of many muscle groups and excellent coordinated skills. It is imperative to work with a qualified coach to learn the techniques properly.

3. Leg press

leg press exercise for cutting body fat

The leg press is one of the best exercises to reduce excess fats efficiently. Those who want to perform the activity can utilize two machines in a gym to develop their hamstrings and quadriceps. However, one should consider performing the activity in a safer environment to obtain optimal results.

4. Treadmill

treadmill running for cutting body fat

Treadmill exercises work well for bodybuilding purposes and one should focus more on performing them carefully. Nowadays, there are many machines available in the markets that fulfill the expectations of users.

What are the best foods for cutting exercises?

Bodybuilders willing to engage in cutting exercises should consider taking the best foods to sculpt their body significantly. Some of them include sesame seed oil, salmon, green tea, white kidney beans, leafy green vegetables, grapefruits, flaxseed oil, etc. However, one should consider consulting with fitness experts to choose a diet plan accordingly.

What are the advantages of cutting exercises?

Cutting enables bodybuilders to lower the fats with a combination of exercises and healthy diets. Besides that, it helps to maintain muscles in a perfect state that allows a person to get an excellent appearance. It is possible to sculpt the body with cutting exercises that give ways to accomplish goals in bodybuilding.


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