A Must Have Manicure Professional Nail Clipper Set For Men and Women In 2021

A Must Have Pedicure Professional Nail Clipper Set For Men and Women In 2021

Assure Professional Maintenance with Fashion 7-18pcs Stainless Steel Pedicure Professional Nail Clipper Set

Is there anyone who does not like clean, neat, and professional maintenance? Yes, your fingertips. Getting quick, stylish nails in association with manicure and pedicure set is possible. There are convenient buttons, and there is nothing to worry that the manicure will mess up.

7-18 pcs beauty nail products in stainless steel 100% offers professional touch. It is useful to carry as a kit. It is an intricately adorned box that looks decorative to place and use anywhere.

23 piece manicure set


  • Suitable as every day of nail care.
  • The 7-18 pcs nail clipper set is a huge range that this tool will last for years.
  • Premium material is the advantage, and the blades are in quality stainless steel.

How to use

Step 1: Use nail clipper set a smaller one for the hand nails and a bit bigger one for toenails.

Step2: The cutting edge for the fingernails will appear curved inwards slightly. The toenail clippers have the cutting edge straight.

Step 3: File the nails there is a nail filer and be careful while brushing your nails to wash the dirt away.

Step 4: Once done, disinfect and clean the tools. Wipe using alcohol dipped cotton swab.

Specific functions

Unique design

The tools have 7-18 pcs of good quality stainless steel. They have anti-skid technology, aesthetic packaging design, sharpness upgrade, and easy to carry.

Best gift

The stainless-steel nail clipper set is of premium quality to make the best gift for any family or friend. It is a way of showing your care for them.


  • Multipurpose. It is useful to pedicure and manicure, useful for women and men.
  • The set has a nail file, oblique nail clippers, nail pick, curette spoon, middle nail clippers, and more. All these are in a compact design.
  • This nail clipper set is in stainless steel,high-quality. It is elegant with secure snap closure, suitable for home, use and during travel.


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