Bald Men’s Fashion – How Can A Bald Guy Look More Attractive?



Tackling baldness can be emotionally stressful at first, whether it is by choice or by chance. Instead of trying to fit the idea of a desirable guy, it’s more of a personal “coming to terms” issue. But in our opinion, bald males appear much more gorgeous than they are.

Recent research has revealed that most individuals find bald guys to be more handsome and authoritative. They stick out, and appear to be more robust, ruder, and stronger than the typical male-very Raghu Ram types, we say!

Now that science has confirmed it, it’s time for bald men to acknowledge this truth and develop a style that makes the most of their baldness. In this article, we are going to describe some of how a bald guy can look more attractive.

1. Opt For Vibrant Colors

In most cases, a person’s hair provides contrast to their skin color, but this is not the scenario with bald guys. So choose brightly coloured clothing to match with your skin colour. Bald men with fair skin tones should choose darker-colored clothing because it enhances their peach undertone. Darker-skinned guys should stay away from earthy colors, which would mix in with their complexion and produce a monotone look that may or may not flatter them.

2. Explore Various Patterns And Prints

Wearing patterns gives the appearance of a slender but bulky figure. Choose a sweater or shirt with vertical or horizontal patterns, stripes, or geometric shapes, and pair it with plain pants or the opposite.

3. Spend In Bandanas, Caps, and Hats Accessories

Accessories may completely affect the way you appear, regardless of whether you have hair or not. To play with your look all year long, wear hats in the summertime, beanies in the winter, baseball caps in the evening, and bandanas while on vacation based on the season and the situation.


4. Select the Proper Glasses for You

Sporting a pair of glasses lends a lot of personality to your appearance, whether you’re sporting a smart-casual workplace look or creating the ideal fashion vibe for a date night. Make sunglasses your go-to fashion item by choosing the best pair for your face type.

5. Grow A Beard

The new image of attractiveness is a bearded, bald man. A good goatee or a handsome mustache and full beard are the ideal accessories a guy may wear, whether it’s to complete your workwear or give you a rough and gruff look. To keep things seductive and macho, grow a beard, groom it, and try out various beard styles.

6. Put On Well-Cut Pants

Any fashion choice is built on finding the ideal pair of pants that fit nicely and terminate at the proper length. For bald males, finding a pair that complements your larger upper body becomes even more crucial. Choose a numeral that ends only a few millimeters or so above the shoe.

Investing in a traditional belt can also help your body proportions appear more distinct and slimmer.

7. Do Not Wear Baggy or Bulky Clothes

A man with a shaven head appears to have a larger upper body. The bare head, which contrasts with the hair, makes that apparent. So, my first and most important piece of advice is to refrain from donning oversized, baggy clothing.

8. Pants and Trousers

The fabric of trousers likes to collect around your legs, just choose a pair that is not too long and only has two or three wrinkles. You should also avoid wearing too-slim or too-baggy pants because neither of those styles is fashionable.

9. Upgrading the Wardrobe Twice a Year

Keep updating your wardrobe at least twice a year, according to another beneficial bald fashion advice for men. You’ll stay current with fashion trends and always appear stylish if you do this.

10. Comfort

To minimize the risk of cutting off your blood flow, choose clothes that are comfier over those that are too tiny. Keep in mind that when you feel better, you will look attractive.


Choose a trending color and base your entire look around it because different colors are popular during each season. Remember the golden rule: only purchase what fits. You should be able to master bald men’s fashion if you invest in wardrobe essentials like a beautiful belt and a few dapper accents like a hat or cap.


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