Beard Length Guide for Men 2019


What’s the right beard length for you?

Perhaps you are planning to sport a beard to appear like your favorite celebrity, but not sure of the correct beard length to maintain that will look good on you. When growing a beard, it is extremely important to appear decent and to take proper care of it. There are different styles present, with each requiring to be kept of certain length that you can change often or retain the same one for a long time, depending upon your moods and preferences. You also can decide to remove the beard completely and be clean shaven, in case, you do not like it at any point of time.

Facial hair can be a wonderful investment for those eager to have an image change. For starters, it is more affordable when compared to overhauling the wardrobe. It is also much safe than cutting own hair and is less risky. But before going ahead with growing a beard, it is necessary to find out the right length to sport that will look good and be appreciated by everyone.

Beard types and grooming tips


Stubble length beard

It is just lack of shaving and there are different ways to keep it fresh to accentuate certain features. The time duration for this type of show entirely depends upon your personal growth pattern. Generally, it takes around 2-5 days to get proper coverage. It is a wonderful choice if you have rounder, larger face. Sharpening up specific lines around the cheeks can provide your face with more angles.

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Use trimmer from 1 to 3 mm twice a week to trim your beard. Use face wash or light exfoliator depending upon skin type, moisturize later to enable your skin to manage electric razor abrasions.

Short beard

man with short beard length
Short length beard

It works only if you have developed full facial hair and needs to be trimmed evenly. It takes about 5-10 days to grow. It appears good in those having even hair growth. In case, you develop patchy facial hair, it is likely to highlight further the gaps. Use trimmer at 3 to 5mm. go grade shorter on thicker growths to make it appear event. Do remove hairs that hang over the top lip portion using guardless trimmers. It is essential to take proper care of the face,. Hence, use moisturizer and exfoliator.

Tailored beard

Tailored length beard

It is stated to be a full facial, neat coverage and needs to be kept trim, just about a centimeter. It takes about 2-4 weeks to grow and it is here that proper upkeep is required. It is a wonderful choice if you are part of a smart work environment. This neat look helps you to appear even all over and remain consistent. It looks good on those eager to emphasize their strong jawline or cheekbones, including those trying to slim down the round face or make small chin to appear fuller.

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Use trimmers every 3-4 days for achieving desired length. To make it look neat, rinse beard with water. Then dry off using towel and apply with hand small amounts of beard balm or styling paste. Facial hair scissors can also help to remove strays found in between trims.

Full Gandalf

Gandalf length beard

It is also referred to as the hipster beard, the type that you can plait and twizzle if desired. It takes about 6-8 months to growth this length and consumes good amount of time before the mirror to keep it neat. It is a bold statement and is found suitable for those having swag and confidence to match. For trims and tidy-ups, visit the barber every 2-3 weeks and take care of the beard like that of the long beard. Use beard oil daily, shampoo and condition.

Following the above is sure to help you to sport a great looking beard and earn praise from everyone around.


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