Best Beard Oil and How to Use: Men’s Beard

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How to apply beard growth oil/products

Probably, you are planning to grow a long beard. If left uncared, then it is likely to make you to appear ugly and be ridiculed by others. Hence, you need to undertake adequate research to find out the best beard oils available in the market and how to apply them the correct way to appear great looking and smart.

About beard oil

It is a grooming product that should be used. Applying it can help you to grow a better looking beard and also make it more healthy, sweet smelling and comfortable. It is actually a special formulated oil that is created exclusively for the beard. It is easily absorbed and lighter.

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Why to use beard oil?

If your face upon rubbed feels to give out that spiky, rough feeling, then it is due to coarse facial hair. It is thicker than hair and is required to be tamed. The beard oil helps to soften up coarse hair and to make it easier to style and supple. It also conditions the skin beneath, while reducing chances of flaky and itchy surface. It also smells good all day and you do not have to spray it using aftershave.

When and how to apply beard oil?

It is entirely up to you as to the amount to be applied. Some oils are likely to wash out easily and absorb, thereby being easy to use every day. Few have much more staying power and are suitable for the busy person. When using it, do wash your beard using beard shampoo, which is just perfect for coarse hair. Blow dry or towel it, depending upon its thickness and use beard oil according to given instructions on the bottle. Then simply work it using your fingers or comb it through to smooth down the beard.

Top beard oils for men in 2019

Tom Ford Beard Oil

Tom Ford Beard Oil

It is rich in nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and almond oil and is available in three popular fragrances. Oud Wood & Tobacco Vanille has that moreish quality, while Neroli Portofino has amazing fragrance.

Captain Fawcett x Ricki Hall

Captain Fawcett x Ricki Hall handmade beard oil

This beard oil has been created in collaboration with the popular beard owner and model Ricki Hall. It has warm ingredients like vanilla, rum and tobacco leaves.

Penhaligons Beard Oil

Penhaligons Beard Oil

This brand has over 150 years of rich experience to back their claims and understands very well men’s beards and its needs. It contains grapeseed and sunflower oil which is nourishing for the skin and the beard and also is absorbed quickly.

Baxter of California Beard Oil

Baxter of California Beard Oil

It contains Vitamin E and avocado oil and is fast absorbing. On applying this oil, you are not likely to be left with greasy beard and it can help soften your coarse hairs and also keep it moisturized all the time.

Beard Oil by Bulldog

Beard Oil by Bulldog

It has soothing ingredients like nourishing plant oil having fatty acids, thereby wonderful for the skin and beard.

Beard Oil By Lab Series

Beard Oil By Lab Series

Multi-tasking products have become increasingly popular. This oil is used to condition the beard or to substitute the shaving cream if you feel like shaving off the beard.

L’Oreal Men Expert Beard Oil

This oil is not jest meant to apply on beards, but also on moustaches. The limited edition ‘Movember’ beard oil is said to donate 50p to Movember Foundation for charity purpose.

Beard Oil by House 99

This is the favorite grooming brand of David Beckham and has shea butter. It is nourishing for the beard, fast absorbing and non-greasy.

The above beard oils when carefully researched upon and invested is sure to provide the best possible results and also ensure that your beard is well kept and nourished.


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