Best Exercises to Build Superman Shoulders

best exercises for your shoulders size

Great Exercises for Building Your Shoulder Muscles

When it comes to workouts that make a difference, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, some exercises tend to be much more inspiring, and effective than the rest. This theory holds good for shoulder muscle exercises. It is important for you to choose exercises that can “actually” make a difference in your physique. Also, you need to be careful if the exercise would tap your upper limit, in resistance and strength. With this being said, let’s go through some of the world’s much loved strengthening exercises, which revolve around the shoulders.

Barbell Push Press

fit man doing barbell push up

This is a versatile exercise that keeps the triceps, core, lower body, delts and upper pecs highly involved. The exercise expects you to load up “additional” weight, with every increasing rep. Apart from being a great shoulder exercise, the barbell push press is certainly a whole-body workout with loads of explosiveness.

Military Press

athlete man doing military press shoulder exercise

The talk about exercises for your shoulder muscles will be incomplete without the military press. This is a simple movement that isolates various muscle groups. Always remember that “this” workout has to be done after warming up. And, you need to be prepared to pick challenging weights.

Dumbbell Incline Row

incline row exercise shoulders workout

Next in line would be the dumbbell incline row. Once again, this is a multi-joint rowing workout that can train your shoulders and back on the exact same day. To make the most, you need to be very smart on how the transition happens between both your body parts.

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Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press

seated overhead dumbbell press shoulders

You might be curious to understand how this workout is not for the lower body. Well, the moment you decide to shift from the standing to the seated position – the lower body gets casually removed during the lift. When it comes to shoulder exercises day, this must be one of your first few workouts.

Seated Overhead Barbell Press

seated barbell shoulders press exercise

Unlike many other workouts, this one is capable of driving more momentum. Also, it helps you understand the overall strength of your shoulder muscles. Always think about challenging yourself with more weights. Why? It takes the right weight to activate your muscles.

Upright Row

barbell upright row for shoulders workout

Another interesting multijoint movement that can influence your shoulders would be the upright row. Apart from focusing on the shoulders, this exercise will target your middle delts too. There are several different types of upright rows. For instance, you can use the Smith machine, or cables, or even the barbell. Each of these methods have unique advantages.

Arnold Press

shoulder workout arnold press

The talk about shoulder exercises will remain incomplete without the Arnold Press. However, the tricky thing about this exercise would be the part where you rotate the wrists.

Machine Rear Delt Fly

fit woman doing rear delt fly exercise

Machine Rear Delt Fly is a single joint workout that features three separate movements. There are movements for the middle, and front heads. Why? It is mainly because the rears are not trained enough. According to experts, this should be your first workout for the day.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

fit man lateral raises shoulders exercise

Another de facto standard in workouts that target the shoulder muscles would be the dumbbell Lateral raise. This is a wonderful exercise, which doesn’t strain the body much. However, the workout needs to be done right. For instance, you need to maintain a downward arc, when your arms are around 30-degrees out.

Front Dumbbell Raise

handsome fit man doing front dumbbell raise shoulders exercise

Finally, we have the front dumbbell raise. The workout can be performed using cable handles, or the barbell. Unlike the traditional dumbbell exercise, this one needs each side to be handled independently. Hence, you can spot areas where your strength is failing, and imbalance gets created.


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