Best Face Masks for Men’s Skin: Men’s Face Mask Guide

Top 10 facial masks for men of every skin type
Man getting a mud mask at a spa

The ultimate guide of men’s facial mask for clear skin 2019

Men’s skin care products and services are on boom right now, men are now starting to understand the importance of skin care. The old school thinking that “skin care products are only for women” is now fading away.

Just like moisturizers, face wash, anti aging creams and other skin care products, face mask is also an essential and very beneficial product for the perfection of men’s face. The right face mask can take your skin care regimen to a whole different level in a positive way.

“This is a complete guide on men’s facial mask, you can scroll down to skip to the top 10 facial masks list.”

In this post we are going to cover the topics below:

  • Why should men use face masks?
  • What are the different types of face masks for men?
  • How to use face masks?
  • Top 10 face masks for men’s face.

Why Should Men Use Face Masks?

why should men use facial skin mask
why should men use face mask?

Can man use face masks? Yes! men can and should use face masks. I often hear from my guy friends that, it’s very girly to use face masks and they would rather rub some spaghetti on their face than using face mask.

Well, you won’t say the same once you get in your 40s and look older than your age, while your friend who used face mask looks like your son’s age. There is nothing girly about face masks, let me tell you that 99% of male celebrities uses face masks, it’s one of the reason they look very young and attractive even in their late years, this is just one of many reasons to use a face mask.

Face mask hardly takes 30 minutes of your entire week, face masks cleans those pores on your face and fills them naturally. Masks also reduces wrinkles on you face, gives you better skin, less stress, and a brighter complexion.

What are the different types of face masks for men?

There are different types of men’s face masks for different type of skins. It’s almost impossible to cover all the different types of face masks, however we are going to cover the the most popular and beneficial face masks for men. Let’s break it down!

1. Cream Mask

 Cream mask makes your skin soft and fresh looking, this face mask remove deads cells whilst toning and lifting skin. Cream mask contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to provide a surge of hydration, restoring natural radiance.

How to use cream mask: Men can use cream face mask whenever they have free time, make sure to properly wash your face before using face mask, once you wash your face, dry your skin or just soak the water with a towel.

Apply an even layer of mask on your your face skin until it’s all covered. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it of the water. Mask your face twice a week fore better results.

Skin Type: If you have dry skin then cream face mask is your best choice, cream mask provides moisture and hydration to your skin, which results in soft and fresh looking skin.

2. Water Sleeping Mask

Sleeping face masks are thicker than other face masks for men. Unlike other face masks, sleeping mask are kept on over night. Water sleeping masks quickly absorbs while you sleep to deeply hydrate skin. Recharge dehydrated skin overnight.

These masks are formulated with highly concentrated Hyrdo Lonized Mineral water to give your skin advance supply of moisture to your stressed skin.

How to use water sleeping mask:After cleansing and drying your skin, apply sleeping mask evenly across face. After the product is absorbed completely, leave treatment overnight and take it off in the morning by washing your face.

You should use it at least twice a week for better results.

Skin type: Men of all types of skin can use this mask, however, it’s more effective for guys with oily skin.

3. Peel Off Mask

Peel off face mask is my favorite type of facial mask. It helps in removing the outermost layer of our skin to clear dead skin and produce smoother and fresh skin texture. If you are looking for a anti ageing facial mask, this might be for you, it helps in fading the fine lines, wrinkles and cleaning our skin pores from your face.

Peel off masks tightens the skin by stimulating the blood flow and supply. 

How to use peel-off facial mask: Clean your face with a good face wash and dry it with a towel. Put on the mask as instructed on the product package. Keep it on your face about 15-20 minutes.

Now peel it off gently from your face.

Skin type: Peel off mask is good for all types of skin.

4. Clay Facial Mask

Clay facial masks have been around for such a long period of time. Clay mask comes in many different colors and with different properties for different purposes.

These masks helps to remove impurities by drawing excess sebum form the skin. you can mix them with water and apply, it helps to remove the toxins from face.

You will experience the freshness and softness in your skin upon using clay facial masks, clay face mask also clears off any kind of pimples from your face.

How to use clay facial mask: Wash/ clean your face properly and apply a even layer (it doesn’t have to be a thick layer, just a light thin layer will do the trick) of clay mask on your face. Now go grab a cup of coffee or listen some music.

After about 15-20 minutes, wash it off your face gently and apply some good quality skin moisturizers on your face. Try this mask 2-3 times week for the magic to happen.

Skin Type: Clay masks are normally formulated for all skin types and won’t dry out skin.

5. Vitamin-C Mask

Looking for a skin whitening face mask? Vitamin C masks are great for natural glow on your skin. This mask has powerful anti-aging ingredients to fight and remove wrinkles completely.

Vitamin C improves collagen synthesis in the skin that slows down with aging, vitamin c is also helpful in reducing and repairing skin damage caused by all kind of toxins.

How to use Vitamin C facial mask: After washing and cleaning your face completely, use your hands to gently apply and spread the mask around your face and covering all the areas.

You can keep it overnight or simply wash it of after an hour. Repeat thrice a week for noticeable results.

Skin Type: All types of skin.

6. Hydrogel Masks/ Korean Sheet Masks

This amazing mask is a gift by Koreans to men all over the world. I recommend every guy to try this mask.

These masks are designed to infuse nutrients into your skin over an extended period of time. Both natural face masks are packed and soaked in potent serum solutions, which are delivered directly onto skin and deeply absorbed while you wear the mask.

Hydrogel masks are great with infusing nutrients into your skin for a longer period than normal facial masks. They are able to hold more moisture than regular cotton sheet masks thus, allowing our skin to absorb more nutrients and also boost hydration levels.

How to use Hydro-gel mask: Just like we do before using other popular facial masks, wash your face properly. Wear the mask on your face, they usually comes in form of sheet which is designed like face.

As you wear the mask, the cellulose will start to wrinkle, means the mask started doing the job.Keep your mask on for 15 minutes, or until it starts to wrinkle. Try this face mask twice a week for satisfying results.

Skin type: All skin types except sensitive.

7. Natural Homemade Face Masks

If you are someone who likes homemade natural skin care products, you should definitely try natural facial masks.

Checkout THIS article from “Fab How” for natural homemade face masks recipes.

OK! So we covered all the different types of facial masks for men, but, there are hundreds of different brands of facial masks and they all claims to be the “The NO.1 face mask in the world”. It’s really confusing for guys to choose/decide which one should they go for.

Don’t worry, we did the homework for you. After a throughout research, experts advice and own experience, we have created “the list of 10 best and top rated facial masks for men” that will help you maintain a healthy and fresh facial skin.

Let’s jump right into it..

Top 10 facial masks for men of every skin type

If you have been using your wife’s face masks, you should stop and get the facial masks that are specially made for men or unisex. Man and Woman have different type of skin thus, women’s cosmetics/skin care products aren’t effective enough for us men.

You should use one of these facial masks specially made for guys.

1. RUGGED & DAPPER – Clay Face Mask for Men

Men's facial mask by RUGGED & DAPPER

Men’s facial mask by RUGGED & DAPPER

This facial mask is all in one skin care package for men. Rugged & Dapper is well known for their high quality men’s skin care products. This clay facial mask is designed to draw out impurities and absorb excess oils that cause acne, blackheads and a shiny complexion.

This face mask is packed with highly concentrated vitamins and minerals from premium Natural and Organic ingredients. Some of these super components include: Kaolin Clay, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Sea Kelp and Grape Seed Oil.

Try this face mask 1-2 times a week for a clear and glowing skin that every girl would fall for.

Skin Type

  • Sensitive
  • Oily skin
  • Rough skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination
  • Acne-prone

2. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask
Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

This dead sea mud facial mask made it to number 2 on our list. This face mask is used by thousands of people around the globe. It helps to improve skin conditions such as pores, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples as well as a full body mask.

It’s for men of all ages, using it just once a week can help you reduce those wrinkles from your face and give you that natural fresh looking skin. You can use this face mask any body part as it;s a full body mask.

3. Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask For Men

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask For Men
Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face

Aria Star beauty dead sea mud mask is a unisex facial mask, it’s a very popular facial mask thousands of positive reviews on AMAZON.

This facial mask is for all types of skins, This facial mask eliminates acne and blackheads from your face. This face mask provides a significant amount of moisture to your dry or sensitive skin and dramatically increases the blood flow to your skin cells helping to achieve healthier and tighter looking skin for anti aging and anti wrinkle.

Use this twice a week for greater results.

4. FineVine Activated charcoal men’s face mask

FineVine Activated charcoal men's face mask
FineVine Activated charcoal men’s face mask

This is a 2 in 1 facial mask, it’s combined with activated charcoal and dead sea mud which shrinks facial pores, fights acne, removes dirt and impurities deep down from the skin, opens clogged pores while offering a toned complexion.

Men of all skin types can use this facial mask. Use it twice a week and see what happens.

5. Freeman Beauty Infusion Mask Cleansing Clay

Freeman Beauty Infusion Cleansing Clay Mask for Men
Freeman Beauty

This is another amazing clay mask for both men and women. I recommend using this mask with a toner for better results. This face mask sucks the oil from your skin and improves breakouts dramatically.

It’s for all types of skin. Use this face mask twice a week for killer results.

6. Brickell Men’s Natural Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Brickell Men's Natural Purifying Charcoal Face Mask
Brickell Men’s Natural Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Just like thousands of other men, i’m also a big fan of Brickell men’s products. They are very premium quality products and this charcoal face mask proves it again.

This men’s face mask uses activated charcoal & rare kaolin clay to draw out facial impurities, while firming and renewing the skin. This face mask removes facial impurities, blemishes, toxins, and blackheads from the skin, while diminishing pores and firming your skin.

If you want to improve your face appearance, try this facial mask twice a week for a brighter and younger looking face.

This face mask is for any age and all types of skin.

7. Deep Cleansing Mask by THENA

Deep Cleansing Mask by THENA
Deep Cleansing Mask by THENA

This face mask by THENA is a natural & organic pore shrinking anti acne face mask for both men and women. I really love the packing of this product, it comes in very handy to use without wasting.

This face mask is perfect treatment for cleansing, moisturizing, toning, treating blemishes, clearing tightening skin. Men & Women with sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin should try this facial mask.

8. Epionce Enriched Firming Mask

Epionce Enriched Firming Mask
Epionce Enriched Firming Mask

This face mask maximizes your skin’s functions, strengthening its moisture barrier, improving elasticity and increasing firmness. It’s a good quality product.

It’s for men and women of all ages with any skin type.

9. DETOX men’s organic Charcoal and clay mask

DETOX  men's organic Charcoal and clay mask
DETOX men’s organic Charcoal and clay mask

This organic charcoal clay mask goes on super easy, and it doesn’t make your face feel overly-dry, compared to other masks.This mask absorbs and remove impurities and infuse your skin with anti aging nourishing goodness.

It deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin by clarifying clogged pores, facilitating the creation of new skin cells, and detoxifying congested complexions. It definitely makes you looks younger when used for over 3 months of time.

This face mask is for dry, oily, acne prone or problem skin.

10. Green Tea MACHA Mud facial mask

Green tea macha mud face wash for men and women
Green Tea MACHA mud facial unisex mask

Last but not the least, this unisex facial mask is a mixture of natural ingredients like green tea, volcanic mud and vitamin C.

This facial treatment will resurface and remove dead skin layers, It’s ideal for skin with acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation and sensitive skin. A powerful dose of antioxidants is applied to fight free radical damage and protect the cells for a more vibrant youthful condition.

Skin tone gets brighter while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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