Best Formula to Remove Pimples and Scars: Skin Care

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How to completely remove pimples from face and make them stop coming back

If you’re prone to acne or have the occasional pimple, you’ll definitely want to try these skincare tips to help get rid of them. After all, a fresh face adds to your overall handsomeness and pimples can definitely make you self-conscious about your overall looks.

While men aren’t really known to care about their skin, the truth is they should. No one likes pimples and to eliminate them, you definitely don’t want to pop them or you’ll risk infecting them and making them worse or leaving behind ugly scars. Instead, follow these awesome tips on how to get rid of pimples:

Use Spot Treatments

spot treatment patch for pimples

Instead of popping pimples or picking at them, use spot treatments. Their active ingredients are usually sulfur, salicylic acid or benzoyl, which all suck out all the oil from the clogged pimpled pore and reduces its inflammation.

They’re simple to use since you just dab on the treatment on the pimple and then let it dry before wiping it off. Use it at night so that you wake up pimple-free!

Wash Your Face With The Right Cleanser

Besides using spot treatments, you’ll also want to wash your face with cleansers that feature the same active ingredients. This will wash out the clogged pore and help prevent you from getting other pimples at the same time.

Just make sure to read the directions because using cleansers with sulfur, salicylic acid or benzoyl can dry out your face if used too much.

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Use Tea Tree Oil

Handcraft TeaTree Essential Oil

There’s a reason why tea tree oil is used in many skincare products! It’s great for both preventing and getting rid of pimples. However, it should only be used in small does or else it can cause irritation and redness. Apply it to a pimple that might have popped to reduce scaring or on top of a fresh and ripe pimple to dry it out.

Use Hydrocolloid Dressings

Besides the aforementioned products, you can also opt to use hydrocolloid dressing, which are useful when you have a blister since it reduces the swelling. It can reduce a pimple overnight and will diminish it after a few days. 

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