Best Full Body Resistance Band Workout Plan

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Top 8 exercises you can do with resistance band to work full body

A resistance band is a type of elastic band designed for strength training enabling both men and women to gain more advantages. It is cost-effective workout for those who want to avoid weights and other equipment. The resistance bands allow a person to get external resistance force that give ways to perform a variety of exercises accordingly.

Nowadays, various types of bands are available on the markets which exactly fulfill the expectations of users. There is no need for a person to spend more hours in a gym or invest tons of money in gear after choosing a resistance band.

Here are some exercises people can perform in their home with a band.

1. Front squat

front squat resistance band
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Front squat is the best exercise for targeting the quads and upper back that enables a person to get the desired outputs. A resistance band is a perfect choice for performing this activity that can do major wonders. One can carry out the task by standing on a resistance band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. In the next step, he/she has to hold the handle in each hand and bring the top of the hand over the shoulder. When the band is too long then, it is advisable to secure the same in a place by crossing arms at the chest.

2. Glute bridge

glute bridge resistance band exercise

This exercise is a suitable one for enhancing hip mobility and strengthening lower back to get the best results. Anyone who wants to execute the exercise with a resistance band should tie it first around their legs right above knees. In the next step, they have to lie face up with their feet on the floor. Then, he/she has to bend their knees to 90 degrees and raise the hips when shoulders and other parts are on the floor. In fact, one should align the shoulder and knees that contract the glutes through the entire movement.

3. Standing adductor

standing leg addution resistance band exercise

Standing adductor is another type of exercise one can do with a resistance band that can help get the desired outputs. Those who want to perform this exercise should attach a band to the door anchor. The first step is to place the band around the ankle of active leg and keep the feet away from the door by keeping the closest active leg which is close to a door. A person should stand perpendicular to a band and he/she focus on stepping away from the support in order to create some tension.

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4. Band overhead press

resistance band overhead press exercise
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To perform this exercise, a person should step on the band with shoulder width apart. It is advisable for him/her to pull the resistance and make sure that the top reaches about shoulder with the band resting on the arm back. Moreover, he/she should press the arms upward like a normal overhead press after holding the band with the palms facing forward. The next step is to bring the band back down by focusing more on the vision.

5. Band deadlift

resistance band deadlift exercise

Deadlift is another resistance band home workout plan one can try that can result in more advantages. A person should push his/her hips back to lower and grab the band after standing on it in a correct position. Furthermore, he/she make sure that the palms are facing each other and shins are vertical which ultimately gives ways to undergo major changes. The next thing is that a person should hinge his/her hips forward like a normal deadlift to stand up. Now, he/she should lower back down by pushing his/her hips back.

6.Standing oblique

resistance band oblique exercise

The first step in this exercise is to wrap a resistance hand around the right foot and then standing on the other end with left foot. However, one should place his/her foot slightly wider than his/her shoulder width apart to perform the activity properly. He/she should bend arms and place the hands behind head that can result in major advantages. Now, it is advisable to bend the right knee and lift the same towards right elbow and then lowering down slowly.

7. Clamsell

clamsell resistance band exercise

A person has to tie a resistance band wrapped on his/her thighs and lie on a side with the body propped on the forearm. He/she should bend knees when they are facing forward and keep the body behind their body. It is advisable to maintain the position for lifting the top knee and then lowering the back to start. This is one rep and people should complete all reps on one side before starting the reps on other side.

8. Hamstring walkout

hamstring walkout resistance band exercise

Before starting this exercise, one should wrap the resistance band around his/her thighs. In the next step, he/she should lie down on the back and then bend the knees. Apart from that, he/she should lift the hips into the air by pressing the heels on the ground. A person should lift his/her left foot for bringing it forward with a couple of inches followed by the right.


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