Best Moves For Upper Body Toning

best exercises for your upper body toning

6 best exercises for upper body toning

Perhaps you are eager to tone your upper body and want to know few exercises with which you can achieve your set goals. Your exercise regimen needs to be diversified to work on the different muscle groups and derive toned upper body.

Exercises to tone your upper body

Floor chest fly

dumbbell chest fly upper body exercise

You just require pair of dumbbells. Lie on the floor with bent knees and flat feet, hold the dumbbells over your chest and palms facing one another. Then bend your elbows slightly and lower down dumbbells out to sides and using arms create wide arc until upper arms touch the floor. Reverse movement slowly and return to top. Repeat.

Dumbbell bench press

fit woman doing dumbbell bench press exercise for upper body

Lie on flat bench with dumbbell in both the hands kept above chest. Then raise arms over chest with palms facing forwards. To lower dumbbells, bend elbows until upper arms get parallel with floor. Pause for some time and press slightly in, upwards to complete with fully extended arms and then repeat.

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Bent-over row

barbell bent over row

Hold dumbbells in both hands and stand tall, with palms facing the body. With flat back, knees bent slightly and core braced, bend at waist to allow back to be parallel with floor and arms hanging towards floor. Up to rib sides, row the dumbbells and squeeze together your shoulder blades t top of movement. Then pause for some time and lower arms back down slowly and repeat.


dumbbell pullover exercise upper body

Lie on flat bench on back and hold dumbbells. Plant your feet on the ground. With engaged core, extend arms towards sky with dumbbells above chest. Bend slightly in elbows and lower arms overhead slowly until biceps reach ear. Bring back arms above chest. Repeat.

Skull crusher press

Stand and with both hands, hold single dumbbell at shoulder height and its weight ends, with tucked elbows. Next press weight overhead. Lower weight behind head without any upper arm movement. Reverse movements and go back to original position. Repeat.

Standing biceps curl

man doing standing biceps curl

Keep feet shoulder-width apart and stand tall holding dumbbell by your sides and keep palms away from the body. With locked elbows to sides and straight back, curl slowly the weights closer to shoulders. Lower back slowly and repeat.

Performing the above exercises will help to tone your upper body.


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