Best Pre-Date Grooming Tips Men Should Follow

Best Pre-Date Grooming Tips Men Should Follow

10 pre date grooming tips for men

Daily grooming routine is a practice of some men. If you are not one of them, try to follow some pre-date grooming, so that your date is a success. Here are 10 predate grooming tips for men:

A Nice Haircut

Visit every month a hair salon.  There may be other important things to attend if so, you can miss it. Yet, when your hair looks ruffled, pay a visit to your hairstylist. Get a trim a few days before the date. Do not try any new hairstyle just before your date day. Get trim and keep the experiment fun for some other day.

Take a Shower

There is no pre-date ritual, but taking a shower helps. Follow a daily routine of taking a shower so that your body and hair are clean. Washing your hair removes excess oil and prevents presenting yourself in a bad shape.

Wash Your Face

The skin types of the face are different. It is time you should know your skin type and buy products of skincare suitably. You need not try new products right before the date. Just look for a trustworthy face wash and go with a clean face. Apply lotion, keep face moisturized.

Groom Your Beard

You need not shave your beard clean. Some men with a mustache and beard look cool. Yet, there is a need for proper maintenance. You should smell good, and the beard must not appear as a dense forest on your cheeks. Experiment before a few days of the date, and do not try anything new closer to the date. Going bearded to beardless may take the date in a new turn. Do the changes conservatively, and wait for the date to get off.

Trim Off Nose Hair

Your nostrils should be clean. If hair appears on your upper lips and at the nostrils entrance, it gives an unclean feeling. Some find it annoying. On the other hand, if your date does not mind it, yet you will find it distracting at some point. Use a nose hair trimmer and trim off the excess hair.


Brush Teeth before Date

Breathing well is a key factor to ensure success in a date. Breathing fresh is essential, it is not a choice. Brush your teeth and floss regularly to get a fresh smelling breath. Do not forget to gargle using mouthwash.

Keep your sweat in control

Men sweating a lot must use antiperspirant and fix the sweat issue. Apply before hitting bed so that the active ingredients work before facing the next day date. You may dislike the antiperspirant spray stickiness, but comparing the sweat smell and stain, the stickiness is acceptable when you are on a date.

Clean Hands

Keeping hands clean is very important. Having long nails and dirt inside leaves a bad impression. Regularly trim nails and ensure to wash hands after and before food.

Feet Care

Feet is not visible on your date. Yet keeping your feet clean helps. While taking shower wash between toes.  Trim the foot nails regularly. If you have sweaty feet, apply body powder, and wear socks.

Wear a Clean Outfit

A clean outfit leaves a good impression. A loose t-shirt and shorts or an old baggy will not help. Wear jeans and a t-shirt or a blazer style on a shirt. Add elegant shoes to create a stylish element.


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