Best Tabata Workout Challenge For Rapid Fat Loss

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20 Minutes Tabata Workout You Can Do At Home For Fat Loss

Tabata Workout was developed sometime during the mid 1990s by Dr. Izumi Tabata, when he was working with the speed skating team of Japan. This is a type of HIIT or high-intensity interval training workout program that involves rotating short bursts of optimal working out followed by brief rest periods. This specific exercise regimen comprises of 20 seconds of strenuous workouts followed by taking rest for 10 seconds. Often, Tabata Training is called the ‘4 minute workout’.

What is Tabata Training and Benefits of Tabata Workouts:

This is a sophisticated form of interval training, and both researchers and fitness professionals love it, given how simple it is and how unparalleled is its ability to burn fat.

It is very easy to follow a Tabata workout, given that it comprises of alternating brief rest periods with intense workouts.

This new technique is compatible with many workouts, whether it comes to lifting weights and other strength training exercises, running, rowing and other aerobic exercises. You can fit this with almost any workout program out there, be it bodybuilding, resistance training, weight loss or more, which is one of its most amazing benefits.

This one is more effective than other forms of training. It is particularly useful for weight loss purposes, and has more efficiency than cardio or aerobic exercises.

The regimen is short in duration. At times, in case of regular workouts, people are supposed to finish a set successfully to be able to yield the benefits. However, one can perform this specific training in just 4 minutes to finish a whole workout.

It can be performed at any place. There is no need for a specific place, such as a gym, to be able to perform this workout program. While you can do it in a gym, you can also perform it at home, in a park, in a hotel room or virtually anywhere. There is no need for you to have specific equipment such as dumbbell. Even in its absence, you may have a good exercise by doing simply air squats.

10 Best Tabata Moves to Perform (With Pictures)

These are some of the best Tabata workout moves that can work wonders for your body:

Windshield Wipers

how to do windshield wiper exercise tabata workout

This is an amazing exercise for the obliques and the core muscles, and can be done easily. You can hold a folded towel or cushion between the knees, so as to get more stability.

Mountain Climbers

woman doing mountain climber exercise

It can elevate your heart rate and give a boost to your endurance and leg strength levels. For beginners, this is a very effective workout to perform. Try to perform as many repetitions as possible within 20 seconds.

Plank Jacks

fit  woman doing plank jacks tabata workout
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It is very effective, and simple to perform. It can tone your core muscles, and offer a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Try to perform as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds.


superman hold tabata workout exercise

This can work your hamstrings, glutes and core muscles, and make your back muscles strong. In 20 seconds, try to perform as many repetitions as you can.

Push Ups

It is among the most common and simplest exercises that you can find today.

tabata workout push up

It helps work out the upper body quite well. Repeat this workout for as many repetitions as you can in 20 seconds.

Tabata Sprints

tabata sprints workout

This is among the most challenging workouts that beginners can perform. You can practice it outdoors or even on a treadmill. The exercise begins with a sprint for 20 seconds, followed by jogginga and then walking or taking rest for 10 seconds. In just 20 seconds, try to go as fast and as far as you can.

Squat Jacks

These combine two of the most famous body weight workouts today – Jumping Jack and Squat.

tabata squat jacks

Squat Jacks are an amazing exercise for the cardiovascular system and the legs. Try to perform as many repetitions of this workout as you can in 20 seconds.

Jump Rope

This is a portable and effective workout, and can offer a fantastic cardiovascular and leg workout to you. It can shape up your arms, shoulders and chest areas.

jumping rope skipping

It is better that you perform this exercise on a plywood strip or on a wooden floor, to be able to prevent injuries. Do it for 20 seconds at a stretch.

Jumping Lunges

You need more power and strength to do this, given that it is more difficult to perform as compared to regular lunges.

jumping lunges tabata workout exercise
image by openfit

It targets your glutes, quads and hamstrings, and aids in boosting cardio fitness. Try to perform as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds.


burpees tabata workout

These are regarded as very effective as well as among the most difficult workouts out there.

When you practice this exercise regularly, you can have more power, endurance and strength. Repeat the workout for as many times as possible within 20 seconds.


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