Best Tips For Growing Long Hair: Men’s Hair Growth Guide

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Men with long hair are the trend, especially in the fashion world, music world, and as a lifestyle. Growing long hair means it should look healthy. Moreover, growing hair faster is not as easy as the average hair growth rate per month is about half an inch. Below are some of the best tips and tricks to grow your hairs faster.

How to grow long hair

For long hair, maintenance is essential. Avoid coloring, bleaching, or using heat devices to dry. Keep your hair clean by washing it twice a week. Do not wear hats or tight ponytails. Do not brush your hair roughly or when it is wet. Keep the hair length as per your desire.

How long does it take?

The growth of hair in men at the most is 6 inches a year. Fast hair growth depends on genetic factors, health conditions, hair type, and age. Overall it depends on how long you want your hairs to grow.

How to grow and take care of long hair?

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Importance to hair wash

Hair wash is crucial, even after a tiring day. Keeping hair clean by cleansing prevents grime on your scalp. Use a proper shampoo that has menthol and lemongrass extracts. These ingredients are beneficial to ensure clean and shiny hair. Taking care of healthy hair is important.

Trimming of hair

Growing long hair involves trimming of hair as well. You may trim your hair once in 3 months and eliminate split ends causing damage to your hair.

Quality hair brush

Men having long hair go for a vented hairbrush. It is a must so brush your hair every day. It is comfortable to tie hair up but ensure you do not tie it tight and it must be knots-free.

Hair nourish

Consider shampooing, brushing, and styling, ensuring you nourish your hair. You can massage your scalp and the hair length with warm olive oil and wash it with warm water after half an hour. This nourishment moisturizes hair lengths, leaving it smoother and softer.

Balanced food

What you sow you reap goes with your hair, as well. Eating properly allows the hair to come from within as long and healthy. Make sure to include Omega-3 acids, protein, biotin, vitamin B7, and folic acid in the diet. Include lean meat, leafy vegetables, eggs, and nuts to ensure hair is strong and healthy.

Things to do while growing hairs

things to do while growing hairs

Wearing hats during winters is good, but ensure it fits properly. Style your hair and hat such that it complements perfectly as a headgear. ou may keep your hair medium, short length, or also have long tresses. Get a hat to suit your hair texture, type, and length.

Dry hair men regularly oil your hair, especially in winters to restore hair moisture levels. Maintain moisture balance using quality shampoo and conditioner.

Greasy hair men use formulated hair wash with lukewarm water to look non-greasy. No conditioner required. Regularly brush hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

Take good care of your hair by keeping the locks clean. Oiling, shampoo, and conditioning ensure you have long healthy hair. Yet get regular trims to avoid split-ends. It also looks shapely.

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Use a blow dryer with cool dryer settings. Though the warm air passing your hair gives a good feel, you may keep a cool setting in the blow dryer so that your hair does not frizz or look dry.

Always pat your wet hair to dry. Never rub it with force. It will break and damage the cuticles.

Use a wide-toothed hair comb and quality hairbrush. Brush daily to keep your hair looking well-groomed. It keeps your hair free from tangles and spreads natural oils.

Don’ts of growing hairs

Avoid heat styling; it makes your hair strands dry, disrupting the functioning of sebaceous glands. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Avoid hot or steamy showers. Keep it lukewarm while shampooing and rinsing hair. Give a final rinse with cold water to ensure your hair looks glossy and healthy. The shine and lock retain.

Avoid over-shampooing. It takes away the natural oils from your hair. Wash twice weekly.

Avoid alcohol-based products; instead, buy gel-based products. Choose hairstyle carefully or go for cropped styles.

Avoid using random products for hairstyling. Say no to glossy styling gels. Avoid hair oiling if you have an oily scalp.

Avoid loose hairstyle in harsh weather conditions. At such times, wear a man bun or a ponytail. It will give you a dapper look and safeguard your tresses.


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