Best Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving Safely During Covid-19


How to enjoy Thanksgiving safely during pandemic?

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way we connect with others and how we celebrate many different holidays. Easter was quite different this year, and Thanksgiving is set to be the same. The truth is that it can be really hard to hold a great Thanksgiving experience when most people are required to have masks. Here are some ways to enjoy Thanksgiving safely.

Get everyone tested

hand written covid 19 test example

If you want to have a great Thanksgiving experience, you must take everyone in your family and guests to take a Covid test. If they are all negative, you can enjoy the experience without limitations. This is the ideal thing to do, and it has the potential to help more than you might imagine in a situation like this.

Make sure that there’s a good airflow

dining room with airflow

With good airflow in your home you get to minimize the virus exposure. That can help a lot, and it will bring in front a safer way to connect and talk with others without a problem. If one of the family members is sick, ideally he needs to stay away from others, as he might spread the disease and that can be a problem.

Keep the number of guests low

The less people you have coming in, the better the results you will have. There are less risks, so you want to keep the Thanksgiving party rather small this year to prevent any issues. Preparing some sanitizer and wearing masks is still mandatory, so that’s the thing that you really want to focus on in a situation like this.

Virtual Thanksgiving dinners

virtual Thanksgiving dinner women pizza

If you are at risks due to this virus, then you can’t invite anyone without being at risk. Holding virtual dinners does help a lot, since you can still connect with others, yet you don’t worry about any issues that can arise. Watching sport events or movies at home or virtually with friends does help a lot, and that’s the thing you want to go for.

Host an outdoor gathering

thanksgiving outdoor gathering idea

Try to limit the amount of time that people spend indoors. If the weather is ok, try to host the festivities outside and have people wear masks for most of the experience. It might not sound that great, but the truth is that you are protecting them from a potential virus spread. Staying away from buffet style meals is also a good idea.

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You need to make sure that you tackle the Thanksgiving safety very seriously this year. The potential to have this virus spread within your home is very high, so you really have to figure out a way to tackle the problem accordingly. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, but if you do it right, the potential is definitely there. We recommend you to give these tips a shot if you want to have a safe Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, it’s not the ideal thing this year, but it will help protect everyone in your family, so that alone is very important!


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