Best Tips to Grow A Sexy Mustache Fast and Naturally

Best Tips to Grow A Sexy Mustache Fast and Naturally

How to grow a mustache and rock it 

Mustache is said to be a pride of man, and women are attracted to the mustache. A mustache accentuates the style of a man. It gives men an outstanding feel. Growing a mustache needs to do it in the right way if you want to rock. Now days mustache is super trendy with so many different styles to choose from, if you are planning on growing your mustache, this guide will definitely help you to grow your mustache fast and naturally.

Why grow a mustache?

Mustache was like the must-have rules for police officers, movie and real villains, and the porn stars.  However, the younger generation has their facial hair and mustache in different styles and likes to look different from their peers. It works like a signature style.

Tips to grow a thick mustache

Henry cool mustache

Having a healthy, thick mustache is a pride. If you want to have a thick mustache, here are a few tips that will help you. A mustache size should be appropriate. Not too small resembling Hitler or too large to enter your mouth while you eat or drink.

Exercise in patience

Working on having a thick mustache means it is an epic journey that grows with your beard. Growing a mustache requires you to have tons of patience. The mustache growth process varies with each person from 2 weeks to months. Patience pays, so exercise patience.

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Grooming tools

maintaining your mustache

Quality tools are a must for grooming. Especially combs and trimmers are the basic necessity. Trim your mustache at the ends and in other places to keep in level. Get a quality electric clipper that helps eliminate pesky beard hair. Using mustache wax keeps your mustache shining, and even unruly ones are in control. Get hair styling scissors to get trimming in finer points.  Trimming a mustache assures you will have perfect mustache growth. Being conservative in mustache styling helps to form the framework for the trimming.


well groomed mustache and beard men

Like all other things, to have a good mustache, maintenance is a must. Use quality wax and keep combing your mustache regularly to see proper growth. Undernourishment and overgrowth may result in mustache becoming unkempt and scraggly. Thus, you must spend quality few minutes to trim before the shower and ensure your style.

Trimming mustache requires you to first trim the hairs on the upper lip, beyond the lip line, and beneath your nose. Trim small length using an electric shaver. If not, use a regular razor and achieve precision in creating an ideal mustache. If you give a full shave to your face, your mustache will look outstanding.

Dos and Don’ts

don't of growing mustache

Ensuring the mustache quality is a must once you have begun growing a mustache. Here are some easy tips:

  • Keep the mustache length as you want. Embrace the style of your choice.
  • Do not keep touching your mustache often. You must style and leave it.
  • Mustache is pride, so take it, many do not get the required growth.
  • Do not overgrow your mustache, as it will appear like some unwanted growth on your lip. Be self-conscious about the masculinity symbol.
  • Mustache styling looks amazing and fun. Yet, with styling, less is more, and it helps to keep it classy.

Mustache growing does not ask you to prepare for something, but you need to pay attention to bs seen with a mustache in public with decency and pride.

  • Use face wash so that your mustache does not emit a smell. You may eat and drink anything, but it leaves on your mustache some residue, and you get to smell it. Using facewash helps to eliminate the smell.
  • A small comb or hairbrush for mustache styling is a must. It keeps your mustache in order and looks neat.
  • Razor helps to keep the mustache in shape. You can use a trimmer as well, but avoid using the trimmer used for beard trimming. Always wash and hydrate hair before trimming. Always keep some centimeters from your mouth side and cut to be on the safer side.
  • Applying mustache wax gives a thick and nice feel. It holds your mustache in place. It does not get frizzy or unruly. Trimming or shaping mustache, do it at leisure and not in urgency.

Growing a mustache is best when you allow it to grow naturally. It is the fastest-growing spot on your face. Yet, you need tons of patience to see a full and thick mustache.


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