Best Way That Actually Works to Grow Beard Faster Naturally: Men’s Beard Growth Hack

Man with a long fashionable beard

The Proven Natural Method to Grow Your Beard Naturally in 2019

The truth is that not every man is able to find it easy to develop a beard. The growth rate of facial hair according to the health experts depends mainly upon individual genetics. Genetic makeup cannot be changed, but there can be undertaken certain things to speed up growth rate to enjoy maximum potential.

Sporting a rugged and thick beard is considered to be a power symbol across numerous cultures across the globe. But growing a full beard or a mustache does require some patience and persevere, since the growth rate depends upon individual genetics and testosterone levels.

If you desire to grow a beard real fast and without any patches in-between, then you should definitely follow the given below natural ways that are completely safe and easy to find in your kitchen.

Natural proven ways to grow beard fast

Amla oil

Amla oil for beard growth

Also known as the Indian gooseberry can help stimulate development of facial hair. It can be used alone or combined with mustard leaves. You need to take some amla oil and massage it onto your face. Then leave it in applied condition for approximately 20 minutes.

Then take some cold water and rinse your face. Take few mustard leaves and grind it into paste by mixing it with some amla oil drop. Apply it on your face.

Coconut oil

natural coconut and lime oil for beard growth

It can help to increase facial hair growth. Mix rosemary oil (1 part) with Coconut oil (10 parts). Then apply this combination to your face using cotton ball. For approximately 15 minutes, rinse properly with cool water. This should be performed at least three times in a week to derive the very best results.

Eucalyptus oil

You should take any carrier oil like sesame oil or olive oil and mix it with eucalyptus oil. Combine the two and then massage it gently onto your facial skin and leave the application for around 20 minutes to perform its action and then rinse it with cold water.

Lemon & Cinnamon

Take grinded cinnamon bark (one tsp) and mix it thoroughly with lemon juice (2 tsp). Then, use this mixture to apply on your face and after 20 minutes, rinse it with cold water. This remedy should be practiced for about two times a week to get the best results.

Clean moisturized skin

man washing face

With proper miniaturization of the facial skin, there is developed better conditions for faster development of facial hair. Also, the facial skin should be devoid of dead skin, dirt and oil as it will only hamper breakthrough of hair follicles. If face is kept moisturized and clean all the time, facial hair can grow much better.

Saturated fat and protein

Both are considered to be the two vital nutrients that do help to promote fast, healthy hair growth, both on the head and the facial skin. Hence, you need to incorporate plenty of healthy and useful protein sources like fish and beans as well as saturated fat like animal fat and eggs into your diet to boost facial hair growth.

Regular exercise

It is necessary to exercise on a regular basis as it helps to enhance blood circulation. This is considered to be key to boosting hair growth and hence, should not be neglected or avoided.

Physical activities when done regularly do help all vital nutrients in the body to reach hair follicles present in your face. Exercising for about 20 minutes every day can definitely make a huge difference to health and hair!

You can check health and fitness section on our blog for awesome workout plans.

Let it Grow

Now that you have done all the steps above, your beard should start to grow, you might feel irritation or itchiness on your skin, don’t give up, let it grow without shaving or trimming for at-least 2 months and then you can use a trimmer to trim it a little to get in your desired fashionable beard trend.

For skin irritation you can use natural beard oils, that will help you a lot on this journey of beard growth.

Therefore, following the above will help you to develop beard naturally and fast and be appreciated by everyone around.


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