Best Ways To Fix A Patchy Beard: Beard Grooming

Best Ways To Fix A Patchy Beard

How To Fix A Patchy Beard?

Do you want a luscious, thick beard? That is something most men desire, but facial hair is a different ballgame altogether. Even if you have a patchy beard, you should not be ashamed of it and there is nothing for you to stress about. If you find an uneven hair growth, you may fully hide it or improve it in various ways. Whether it comes to tricks or styling tips, there are different ways to promote the growth of hair. Here is the best guide for you to fix a patchy beard.

Grow a long beard

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Rather than settling for a short one, you might like to have a longer beard. It might be tough for you to resist the urge to shave or trim your beard. However, keeping the trimmer away might be a better idea. Even in case you like to keep a shorter beard, allowing a free growth for about 1 month can be excellent for determining the direction of your hair growth as well as where the patches are coming from.

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With a fuller beard, you can cover up the patches, if any. While you might feel awkward for some weeks, once your beard grows out that odd sensation would be gone. However, your hair should grow out uniformly, and cover up all the patches.

Trim your beard

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You can trim your beard to minimize the patchy appearance. Based on the location of the patches, you may try creative ways to get your beard trimmed. Try flattering angles to introduce the patches into your appearance. Or you may prefer to have the remaining part of your beard trimmed very short, to make sure that the patches are almost non-apparent. You can begin by using no. 3, and then make it shorter from there if you want. Take some time and get a uniform and neat trim. As you proceed, check it. Else, you might end up having a beard that is patchier than earlier.

Clean the lines up

Often, a patchy beard can make you look like a lowlife than a stylish gentleman. With uniform, tidy lines, you can make a patchy beard appear more professional and clean-cut. Have the sideburns trimmed back and neat, so as to make them blend in seamlessly with your beard.

It can help you get a sharp border around the remaining part of your face. Likewise, keep the beard border clean and neat, particularly around the lips, nose, jawline and cheekbones. Trim the beard and style it everyday with a comb and beard oil, so as to keep the clean lines.

Manage uneven growth

fixing beard patches

Trim the beard to a short and uniform length, so as to minimize the patchy appearance. You may also keep it quite full, so that the patches get covered. If you can manage your beard’s length, so that it can stay as uniform as possible, you would find that the patches are not as apparent. You also need to have your beard conditioned and well-groomed. A beard that is cared for well can be managed better.

Have the beard conditioned

A beard can get patchy when it is dry, wiry and cared for very poorly. When you use proper tools and products to look after it, there can be a major difference to beard hair health, as well as how it looks. With a good beard balm or beard oil, you can have a clean and healthy beard with well-maintained follicles. Get rid of all the dead skin cells with an exfoliant, and prevent dryness of skin. It can also be useful for you if you happen to be affected by itchy beard syndrome, and it can stimulate the skin beneath the facial hair. It can promote the circulation of blood, which again – can lead to hair growth, and give you a healthier, thicker and fuller beard.

Have proper nutrition

When it comes to boosting beard health, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle can work wonders for you. All that goes inside you plays a major role in improving the growth of hair. Drink a lot of water every day, and also increase your daily intake of Vitamin C and B. Omega 3, iron and zinc can help promote hair growth and nourishment. It is a good idea to add milk, bananas, cauliflower, almonds and eggs to your daily diet.

Have more avocado or try to have a multivitamin. While having these, consume foods like sunflower seeds having Niacin, beef, tuna, mushrooms, peanuts and white meat. Niacin is another useful vitamin for hair growth, and has been proven by many studies to be helpful for the same.

Hide blank patches

Use a brow pencil that can match the color of your beard, and shade the smaller patches in. It is an effective method for concealing the patches that cannot be fixed otherwise.


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