Best Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness Quickly

best ways to get rid of muscle soreness and pain

How to get rid of post workout muscle pain/soreness

The first day of work-out! If you are a human, like the rest, you are likely to suffer from sore muscles very soon after workout. You will have a tough time in dealing with sore muscles after a gym session for the first time. Feeling sore after an intense exercise is one of the commonest problems that gym goers suffer from. Sore muscles, body pain and inflammation can be acute in case you have just started exercising. The soreness can be especially bad, and you can find almost unable to run, walk or even sit comfortably. Here are some tips to help you deal with sore muscles after the first day of workout.

Take a warm bath

After a strenuous first day work-out, it is particularly important to take a warm bath. It can help increase the circulation of blood in your body, and also relax your body. If you happen to be suffering from sore muscles, inflammation or acute body pain, you need to go for a warm bath. You can enhance the effect by adding 1 to 2 drops of your chosen essential oil and soak in the oiled water for a while. It can provide you with some short-term relief.

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You may also take a Contrast Water Bath or Ice Bath. There is no clear evidence to show why it is effective, but this type of bath is taken by lots of pro athletes who claim that such baths are effective for them in reducing soreness.

Have more of anti-inflammatory food

Your diet has a big role to play in relaxing you after you exercise. There are some foods that can reduce inflammation for your body after consumption. You have to include foods that have strong anti-inflammatory properties and allow the build-up of protein in the body. Try to have foods that are rich in proteins, which can increase energy and can also provide the muscles with strength. Include cherries, red wine, grapefruit, bell peppers, broccoli, salmon etc in your everyday diet.

Get proper sleep

It is essential that you have enough sleep, so as to give your muscles enough rest. Sleep is very important for the recovery of the body. Thus, every individual needs to sleep for 6 to 8 hours every day, and especially after a workout session. When you sleep after workout, there is flow of oxygen in the body – which can improve blood circulation. This can heal the muscles. After the first day of workout, and every day in fact, you have a follow a sleep routine that lets you rest for 6 to 8 hours regularly.

Try Body massage

You should massage your body to ease the soreness of the muscles. Try to stretch the muscles as much as you can, and also simultaneously relax them. When you massage the muscles, they are relaxed, and your body gets soothed – which is very important after workout. You may book an appointment at a salon or clinic near you, to get body massage. It can help your body in more ways than one. It is obviously a great way to reduce soreness after your first workout session.

Try light workouts

After your first workout session, all that soreness and body pain is sure going to make you wonder whether or not to move. But that is not to say you should not move. You should not certainly try out strenuous exercises, but some light workouts in order to keep the body moving. If you experience pain after working out, it just means that the muscles are stretching and becoming stronger. After the muscles get stronger, it can be very easy for you to remove the accumulated lactic acid from the body.

You may try out some light workouts, such as swimming or walking. You may also try out some easy-to-do aerobic workouts at home. This is one of the best Active Recovery techniques, and is supported by some level of research. Low-impact aerobic workouts can be performed to boost blood flow in the body. You may just for a light jog or walk for 20 minutes, which can help reduce the soreness in your muscles.

Stretch, Stretch and Stretch!

It is obviously a good idea to stretch your muscles, and then some more. Stretching helps loosen the muscles and can relax soreness in them. Make it a habit to stretch prior to each workout session, in order to warm up. You can also perform some stretching at other times, whenever you feel that your muscles have gone sore.

Try the RICE method

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is a very popular technique for the treatment of injuries, and muscular soreness can also be regarded as a type of injury. You can try 2 – 3 RICE treatment sessions, each spanning 20 minutes, every day.


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