Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise: No Gym Fat Loss

how to lose weight without exercise

How To Lose Fat Without Exercise?

Not everyone is a fan of working out. Although exercises can help tighten and tone your body, and help you a lot in losing weight, you can of course shed the unwanted fat from your body without exercises. Here are some easy and smart ways to help you do so.

Check your own BMR

You need to check your own Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to determine the minimum number of calories that you have to eat every day. Then, you should maintain a proper record of the things that you eat over several days. It is quite likely that you can find you were consuming more foods than needed by your body.

Control your own portion sizes

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Check your portion sizes. In case you consume more than the serving size that is recommended, you may add up unnecessary calories each time you sit down for having a meal. Keep your food portions restricted to the maximum size recommended and not more than that. Try having foods from a smaller sized plate to trick your mind into believing that you are having more foods than before.

Have less sugar

The less sugar that you have, the less the fat that your body will store. Other than smaller portions, you have to also look for ways to remove extra sugar from daily diet. In case you have donuts every day, for instance, you may eliminate as many as 150 calories just by having an apple. You can also cut out muffins, bread and other white carbohydrates to be able to do this. If you have tea, coffee or other beverages with sugar multiple times a day, you may reduce your intake of sugar by adding a sugar substitute at least a few times.

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Eat more vegetables and fruits

fresh fruits and vegetables

Have lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, which can act as substitutes for the ‘fluffy’ foods you want to do away with. Make sure that you also avoid the intake of fried foods. When you have more fiber, it can help you to lose weight more naturally. Fiber can soak in additional water from your system, reduce bloating and help with defecation. Thus, you will walk around with less weight, and feel much better. Beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are packed in fiber.

Consume more protein

Quinoa, lentils, meat etc are packed with proteins. These are very useful for the body for gaining healthy weight, and not unhealthy pounds. Proteins are able to promote healthy muscle growth in the body, and with muscle building even with simple exercises such as walking you can burn more fat. If you don’t have enough time to get required protein through out the day, you should consider buying protein supplement to fill in that requirement.

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Drink water

Keep in mind that adequate intake of water is essential for survival, well-being and yes – fat loss! When your body is unable to have sufficient water, it tries to conserve existing water. This can lead to the problem of water weight. However, as water transports important nutrients to your body, it also prevents your body from deriving full benefits from those healthy eatables. It is important to know that the metabolic rate for the remaining part of the day is determined by the initial few minutes after you wake up in the morning. Thus, right after waking up, drinking 1 – 2 glasses of pure water can increase your basal metabolic rate 3 times more than usual. It is effective for the purpose of burning fat.

Have a good breakfast

Do not ever try to starve yourself to lose calories. Foods act as a source of fuel for the body, and when there is an absence of that fuel, your metabolism would get flat. You will not have any energy and not be able to lose weight. Breakfast acts as the most vital metabolism starter. Your body enters a starvation mode overnight, and hoards the fat and calories. You have to wake up your metabolism and let it understand that it is good for the body to use up the energy that is stored, given that you would be replacing it anyway.

It can also keep you satiated so that you do not end up having more snacks during your waking time. You might also like to have a few healthy and light snacks, like a granola bar or nuts, between your meals – so as to ensure that your body goes on functioning well.

Go calorie switching

Calorie Switching is a diet plan that involves consuming various foods from varied sources, such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins, from various sources at various times. This throws your body off the regular cycle that it is generally accustomed to. It can boost your metabolism and help the body burn more fat. The process is very easy.

You can find plans and guides online that teach you about the ‘calorie switching’ process. Most people, in fact, report losing a dress size or two in just a span of 1 month. Men report of a fast loss in their belly fat. It is a successful plan and most people who have tried it have reported of being able to lose as many as 9 pounds in just 11 days.

Increase your physical activity level

You can have good cardio even without exercising in the conventional sense. Try to make simple adjustments in your everyday life, to ‘up’ your level of activity and burn more fat. For example, you can walk or cycle to the local grocery store rather than drive to it. You may take the stairs. Everyone happens to be in a rush these days, and most people get little time to exercise. It is a good idea to take the stairs rather than use the elevator. When you do this, it can help you a lot in your weight loss journey minus exercises. You can feel more active and much healthier.

As you may understand, it is possible to lose weight even without exercises and the process can be fun. You will feel healthier and more energetic even when there is no equipment, gym, trainer etc around.



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