Bicep Size Explained for Different Age Groups

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What’s the best bicep size in men?

Getting strong and muscular biceps has become common goals for the young generation. People have been joining gyms to get a fine biceps size. Biceps are generally 2 skeletal muscles of your arms that runs between the shoulder and elbow. The best way of getting big biceps is by regular workout and healthy food manners.

The major reason for men to get bigger arms is to impress others by flashings fine body structure. If you are here looking for the best bicep size in men then check out the content below where we are describing best bicep size with various factors.

Best biceps according to age

Age plays a major role in the development of a good body. Every age group has a different nutrients requirement which must be fulfilled along with proper work out to get a fine body. The average biceps of the different age groups are:

  • Age Group 21 – 30: 13.4 inches
  • Age Group 31 – 40: 13.9 inches
  • Age Group 41 – 50: 13.9 inches
  • Age Group 51 – 60: 13.5 inches
  • Age Group 61 – 70: 13.4 inches

These are the average bicep size of men which is preferred to be regular. Any size greater than the average bicep size can be called as the best bicep size for men. A healthy biceps also depends upon the BMI of a person i.e., the Body Mass Index of the person. The greater the number the bigger the biceps.

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How to increase bicep size?

Exercise and workouts are a great way to increase your bicep size. Of all the exercise the most recommended is the weight lifting. Weight lifting is the most effective workout when comes to bigger biceps. The reason is that weight lifting causes stress in the muscles This stimulates the cells of the muscles to repair the damaged tissue. A fit body requires a healthy diet. Protein must be added to your diet which should be within the overall calorie count for a day. These food products must be included in your diet:

  1. poultry
  2. beef
  3. fish
  4. eggs
  5. milk
  6. yogurt
  7. beans
  8. nuts

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Best workouts you must do to get bigger biceps are:

  • Close-Grip Negative Chinup
  • Dumbbell Curl and Eccentric Curl
  • Isometric Chinups
  • The Biceps Finisher

Best biceps ever recorded for men

Sergio Oliva


He has won 3 Mr Olympia titles in a row and is known to be the best-looked figure. He was born in Cuba and is famous by the name “The Myth”. His arms were about 20.5 inches.

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman showing arms

He has won 8 Mr Olympia title and is known for its weight lifting capability. His biceps measure 24 inches while the calves were 22 inches. He has the best figure in his days and Arnold uses to kiss his biceps.

Lou Ferrigno

At the age of 21, he won Mr Universe title and inscribed his name in the Guinness Book of World Record. He was a six-feet-tall stud with thighs measuring 29 inches, bicep 22.5 inches and chest 59 inches. This great figure earned him to play the role of “The Incredible Hulk” in the 1970s.

Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler

Arnold Schwarzenegger recognized him as the greatest bodybuilders who has won Arnold Classic titles for 4 times. 22.8 inches arms earned him a lot of titles and featured in magazines.

Greg Kovacs

He is the inspiration for most kids these days. Being an electrical engineering student before going for bodybuilding, he played hockey and soccer. He has 27 inches arms in his prime time and has won IFBB Pro Card in 1996.


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