Bodybuilding: How long does it take to get results?


The muscles at the back of the body, like the glutes and pistachios (at the back of the thighs) are also solicited to maintain the right posture, which makes the board a very complete also

Sheathing can be done on the elbows and knees for novices. This position, less difficult to hold, can also be used to make more series by maintaining the correct posture.

Maximum time with the right position

The idea is to do the exercise in front of a mirror if possible, so you can check your posture regularly. As soon as we feel that the technique weakens, we can recover for a duration corresponding to half the duration of the board.

This exercise is good for session purposes, allowing you to use the remaining strength. We can do 2-3 sets, depending on the fatigue. It can also be used for warming up. In this case, do a single run to maintain strength for the session. Sheathing sessions alone are also useful and effective. In this case, one can do as many series as possible, with a correct also

Vary to progress

As with all muscle building exercises, the body gets used to it. When the body is used to regular exercise, progress is slowed down.

Another way to work your abs with the board is to do more short series. For example, two one-minute series, four 30-second sets, or even six 10-second sets. It is also a way to make the exercise, which may seem boring, more dynamic.

The technique is more important than time

Shrinking with a bad position, such as a round or hollow back, can lead to injury. If the body is not perfectly wrapped from head to toe, a lot of pressure is put on the elbows, which can lead to tendinitis.

Even if in a bad position the abs are still required to keep the body high ground, the exercise is less effective. Every part of the body must be solicited. This is what makes exercise complicated for beginners, who do not have the awareness or control of every part of the body.


For optimal physical shape and a better physical appearance, it is essential to complete the cladding sessions for the abs by the dorsal sheathing. This one is in the other direction. Starting from a lying position on the back with knees bent, lift the pelvis by squeezing the glutes. It can also be done with outstretched legs and feet on the floor.

This sheathing stresses more lumbar and gluteus. Like the ventral sheath, it works the muscles of the ” core “, as well as the stabilizing muscles, essential in the maintenance of a good posture.

Reinforced, these muscles allow better functional movement (movement in everyday life) better sports performance and a beautiful flat stomach.


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