Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life


People of all ages, these days, tend to lead a stressful life. Stress is not good as it causes various types of health ailments including depression and sickness. It even impacts the heart negatively and may lead to heart attacks. Hence, you need to relax your mind and body as much as possible and eliminate stress from your life. People around may recommend you to perform various types of yoga poses, exercises and meditation to calm your mind. You might not be aware that you can bring in significant changes to your life and lifestyle by changing your breathing pattern.

Changing breathing technique

Breathing is quite natural and involuntary. You need to breathe in fresh air all the time to stay fit and healthy. If feeling stressed, you may have practiced some breathing technique, manipulated and controlled your breath. This might make you to feel great. But then, without your knowledge, you might have ended messing up the entire respiratory system. You can undertake thorough research on the web to know how changing your breathing can change your life for the better. You can also find coaches training people to breathe the right way and take full control of their life. Health & breathing experts agree that using breath for manipulation is likely to harm more than do good.

How breathing techniques can be harmful? Why?

It is necessary to understand that respiration and breathing are actually two different factors. It is a vital aspect that breath coaches and workers tend to focus upon. This is more when as they provide training to those seeking better health and life.

Breathing is habitual and involuntary.  But then, with some knowledge from the experts, it is possible to manipulate, learn, relearn and unlearn it. It does have a history and also can be triggered. As people get born, they tend to imbibe perfect natural breathing. Over time, people learn how to manipulate breathing for a variety of reasons. A major reason cited to manipulate breathing is that it can help change effectively how you feel. With some practice, you may disconnect yourself from others, your emotions and the world. You can also experience a few feel as well as develop alternate way of being. It is for this reason, many tend to state that dysfunctional breathing habits states dependency. People also learn to change their psychology. This is done by changing your breathing style. By manipulating breathing, you are likely to feel good, be more effective, more positive. You are also likely to develop an alternate self of being centered and be always happy while never getting upset. You tend to identify different ways to get disconnect yourself from humanity since human nature is to get disconnected from natural breath. Otherwise, people are found to learn various types of breathing methods to achieve that.

You need to ask yourself several questions to be clear about what you want. Get to know how your health can get affected by changing your existing breathing technique. It is likely to affect your psychology in a better way or perhaps, how you had desired. But then, how changing breathing technique will affect your health? Can it really?

Respiration helps with body ph regulation while breathing affects respiration. As you breathe every time, your respiratory chemistry is also affected, be it in a bad or good way. It can be harmful to practice any particular breathing technique without actually checking its effects upon your respiratory system. Besides being dangerous, it may also be the reason for many of your symptoms that you have been experiencing currently.

Breath coaching

You need to know that breath coaching takes a different approach towards enhancing your health. But then what is breath coaching all about and how to improve your breathing habits? The industry experts generally work on their client’s dysfunctional breathing habits rather than providing training on prescriptive breathing techniques. In case experiencing symptoms like emotional or focusing or memory problems, this can be due to your current breathing habits. Applying the most appropriate breathing technique can help eliminate the visible symptoms. However, breath coaches are found not to work on the person’s dysfunctional habit that is cited to be the major problem. Symptoms are likely to be there always and the person will stay addicted to that particular breathing technique. This is noticed in majority of the people. Some people are found to use specific techniques to manipulate their psychology. They have reported feeling calm, positive and great. They also experience various types of symptoms such as headaches if feeling stressed. If stressed, they may experience focus problems and breathing problems when involved in active sports, etc. The reason is because they fail to focus on the main cause.

Breath coaching is considered to be a revolutionary approach taken to rectify breathwork as well as to improve overall health. It is important to work on fundamental behavioral analysis rules. At the same time, dysfunctional breathing habits are to be analyzed properly. This way, you can get to know how, where and when breathing habit is triggered and find out ways to eliminate it.

Dysfunctional breathing habit reduces your lung’s PaCO2 levels and makes you hypocapnic. But proper breathing techniques will allow you to do away with such issues that lead to stress. Since more O2 will be present in your blood, you will not experience any headache symptoms. You can also enjoy having more O2 in your brain and cells.

The truth is majority of the people in both the developing and developed countries across the globe experience various types of symptoms. This is due to their dysfunctional breathing habits. Rather than merely looking at what is causing such symptoms, it will be wise to take immediate action to cure it.

Breath coaches have managed to devise new breathing techniques. They can effectively change, manipulate, relearn and learn breathing as it is completely habitual. Breathing techniques can be changed to bring in positive effects to people’s lives.


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