Conor Mcgregor’s Complete Workout and Diet Plan

Conor Mcgregor's Complete Workout and Diet Plans

Conor Mcgregor 2020 Workout Routine For UFC

Conor Mcgregor is regarded as one of the best Mixed Martial Artists on the planet at the moment. This Irish MMA superstar is now the richest fighter in the ring and is presently one if the richest athletes listed in the Forbes compilation. Know about the 2020 Workout Routine of the figher and get as fighting fit as him, with a full idea about his workout regimen as well as his diet and supplement plan.

Exercise Principles

Conor McGregor training

Conor generally combines his with boxing training, static training, flexibility training and dynamic stretching. He focuses on each body part with 3 varied workouts. He likes to have a flexible and loose body, while maintaining amazing balance.

He concentrates on learning various types of fighting styles as well as training techniques, and changes the exercises around to be able to boost strength and develop bigger muscles. The MMA superstar performs many mobility exercises and stretches to boost the capacity of his body to resist injuries. This can help improve his strength. However, he knows when he should stop, so that he does not end up overtraining and inviting pain and aches.

Every day, he focuses on boxing training, static stretching and dynamic stretching. He follows a system of training that consists of aerobic exercises.

His exercise regimen comprises of:

Dynamic Stretching and Flexibility

conor mcgregor working out ufc

This is aimed at improving his flexibility and balance. He performs the following moves for a span of 1 minute:

  • Neck Bridge
  • Hip Circles
  • Leg Swings
  • Shoulder Rotations
  • Muay Thai Knees

Static Stretching

In this static stretching regimen, he holds each of the following moves for half-a-minute:

  • Ostrich Walk – It boosts his flexibility in the posterior-chain.
  • Lizard Walk – It can improve his core control and hip mobility.
  • Horse Walk – It is able to develop his strength in the groin and hip areas.
  • Duck Walk – It helps reduce pain in the knees.
  • Seated Butterfly – This is useful for Locomotion Conditioning.
  • Lying Leg Stretch – It relaxes leg muscles and keeps pain away.
  • Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch
  • Sit-Through Abdominal Stretch
  • Back Roll

Boxing Training

conor mcgregor boxing training

Connor sticks to an anaerobic training system which is supervised by Julian Dalby, a sports scientist. The regimen consists of aerobic training of high-intensity as well as constant endurance workouts that are perfect for MMA and boxing.

In the weeks that lead to his fights, the MMA star spends his time training at the advanced UFC Performance Institute. He uses altitude chambers, underwater treadmills and cryosaunas to prepare his body for the intense fight that lies ahead.

McGregor, in a recent interview, has mentioned that he has tweaked the timings in preparing for cardiovascular workouts. He stretches the endurance phase out, in order to fit the 5 5-minute rounds and 12 3-minute rounds into his own workout program.

Bodyweight Circuit

His exercise routine comprises of these workouts.

  • Air Squats, including glutes and hamstrings
  • Pull-Ups, including biceps, traps and back
  • Push-Ups, including triceps and shoulders
  • Muscle Pull-Ups, including triceps, biceps, shoulders, middle back and abs

5 Sets of each workout needs to be performed for a minute. The number of repetitions needs to be increased every time.  

Conor McGregor Diet

conor mcgregor diet plan

McGregor knows that the body needs perfect nutrition to work out and fight optimally. Thus, he always consumes excellent foods. He trusts on water and coconut water to hydrate his body, and stays away from energy drinks. On an average day, his diet comprises of 9 meals. 

First Meal

This consists of baked apple slices, with eggs, avocado and peanut butter.

Second Meal

It comprises of rice, honey chicken and ginger.

Third Meal

It includes fish and rice curry.

Fourth Meal

This consists of avocado, chicken, apple and sliced potatoes.

Fifth Meal

It includes potato wedges, paprika, bison, egg with sliced avocado and smoked onion, with Sriracha sauce topping.

Sixth Meal

This includes rice, lime shrimp and Tequila chicken.

Seventh Meal

It comprises of scrambled egg with spinach and cauliflower, potatoes and sliced avocado.

Eighth Meal

It consists of smoked paprika and Tuna steak with pepper, salt and chili powder.

Ninth Meal

This one includes meat with sliced potatoes, spinach and scrambled egg with jalapenos.


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