Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Workout Routine Revealed 2021


Ronaldo Complete Workout Routine

The Ronaldo workout routine is primarily aimed at attaining speed and strength. It is also aimed at getting a lean body build, in which fat is replaced with muscle tissue. The end result is the imposing yet lean body associated with Cristiano Ronaldo. Other important goals in the Ronaldo complete workout routine include the attainment of stability, functional movements and mental alacrity.These may look like simple objectives, but attaining them requires quite a bit of work and consistency.

Key elements in the Ronaldo complete workout routine– which you can incorporate in your personal training — include:

Proper warm-up exercises

Cristiano Ronaldo exercises

This is mainly achieved through stretches and a jog. According to one authoritative source, the jog is around 16000 meters (which translates to a tidy 1.6 Km), at trot pace. Other important warm-up elements in the Ronaldo workout routine include hip twisters and squats.

Proper warm-up is very important, because in the absence of it, the other exercises are unlikely to proceed well. The core objective behind proper warm up is to dilate the blood vessels. That in turn translates into better oxygen supply for the muscles. The other objective is to gradually raise the heart rate.Thatthen ensures thatthe more strenuous exercises to be undertaken later on don’t stress it (the heart) too much.

After proper warm up, the core elements of Ronaldo complete exercise routine include:


Theseare among the exercises designed to achieve upper body strength in the Ronaldo workout routine. The way the rows in question work is simply by having the upper body ‘pull’ as opposed to ‘pushing’ a load. Upper body strength in turn translates into a greater level of stamina and speed. The bit about speed is important, because whereas it is the lower body that runs, the power to fuel the run comes from the upper body.

Front and lateral raises

The front and lateral raises are aimed at attaining stability, as well as strength (through gradual muscle growth). Those who have watched Ronaldo playing will attest to the fact that he is one of the most stable players. You know, the sort of playing who hardly ever falls or stumbles on the field. To thank for that stability and strength are, among others, the front and lateral raises in the Ronaldo workout routine.

Bench and military press

While it is focused on the upper body, the bench press actually ends up having a positive impact on the whole body in terms of strength training. The same applies for military press, which is another important aspect of the Ronaldo workout routine. The difference between the two is in the fact that the bench press is undertaken while lying on a bench whereas the military press is undertaken while standing. Both aid in the attainment of stamina and general strength. The military press also has the effect of enhancing stability – as it entails holding onto a weight in the upstanding position.

Box jumps

These seem to be among the cornerstones in the Ronaldo complete workout routine. And for good reason: because the box jump is one of the exercises designed to enhance lower body strength.As anyone can guess, enhanced lower body strength is very critical for a footballer. Box jumps are also among the exercises through which Ronaldo’s famed explosive speed is attained.

Treadmill sprints

This is another element in the Ronaldo workout routine that is designed to enhance speed. Ronaldo is known to have what sometimes looks like ‘super-human’ speed on the field. And whereas many attribute it to ‘talent’, there are also elements in his workout routine – including the consistent treadmill sprints in question here – that go a long way towards the speed’s attainment. The treadmill sprints that are part of the Ronaldo exercise routine are undertaken in the normal manner. So they start with a sedate warm-up speed, graduating to a sprint speed then back to a slow, recovery speed. What sets them apart is the consistency with which they are undertaken.

Jump rope

The jump rope in the Ronaldo exercise routine seems to be aimed at improving coordination, while also enhancing whole-body strength. On the field, these translate into better accuracy with the ball and the ability to maintain ball control while running at high speeds. And simple as it may look, it is one of the exercises through which Ronaldo’s lean body built is achieved — as it is a very effective calories burner.

Drop and jump squats

We did mention ‘squats’ as key elements in the warm-up phase of the Ronaldo workout routine. But over and above those, we also have squats that are part of the main workout. This is where we find the drop and jump squats – and there is no day in which these are omitted. The drop and jump squats in question are beneficial at very many levels. They go a long way towards developing lower body strength: which, as mentioned earlier, is very important to a footballer. They are also helpful in improving stability, which is key because the last thing a footballer needs is instability. At yet another level, the drop and jump squats have the impact of toning the muscles in the middle and lower parts of the body – thus making them less prone to injury. It is because of such considerations that we find the drop and jump squats being key pillarsin the day-to-day Ronaldo complete workout routine.


Any description of the Ronaldo workout routine is not complete without a word on the ‘rest’ element. Ronaldo does not train every day. We have it on good authority that Ronaldo has a complete rest day or two per week, in which he does absolutely no training. That is indeed why you will tend to find that most descriptions of Ronaldo workout routines are based on 5-day cycles. The importance of rest in this kind of endeavor can’t be gainsaid. For one, it is actually during the rest days that real muscle growth takes place. On top of that, the rest days give the muscles that are torn a chance to heal. Working out every day without ever resting can end up being counterproductive. Thus, the ‘rest’ element is an important part of the Ronaldo complete workout routine. And besides the one or two day rests per week, there is also the important aspect of rest in between the various workout exercises. Alongside that is proper (8-hour) sleep every day as yet another important pillar in the Ronald complete workout routine.


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