Face Mask DIY: How to make a face mask at home

DIY fabric face mask

How to make a face mask at home in 10 minutes

Masks are in short supply due to excessive demand to remain safe from the COVID-19 infection. You can make a face mask at home as a DIY project. This mask should be used whenever you step out of your house to remain protected from COVID-19. When the mask is to be reused, you must sterilize it. The mask should be stored in a clean and dry place to protect it from contamination.

You can make a face mask at home DIY using a grocery bag by following the below-mentioned steps:

Wash the Bag

You should wash the grocery bag before using. Ensure to use non-woven propylene bags. Avoid using bags made from plastic or having inner foil lining for making DIY face masks.

Cut the Bag from the Seams

Cut the seams from the side and the bottom and flatten the bag. This will give you two clean sheets with a handle on either side.

Measure and Cut One Sheet

Find the center of the bag using a ruler and mark it with a permanent marker. Measure 4.5-inches towards each handle and mark the spot again using the marker. Now measure 9-inches down from each of these marks and draw parallel vertical cutting lines. Connect these lines at the bottom. You will now have a 9-by-9-inch square grid. The finished edge would be there on the top of the handle. Repeat the above-mentioned steps on the other side of the bag.

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Sew the Side Seams

Your grocery bag will have a front surface and an inner surface. Place one sheet with the inner surface facing upwards and fold it half-inch from the edge opposite to the handle. Use an iron on low heat to neatly mark the fold. Sew it nearly 0.25-inch from the edge. Now place the front surface of the bag upwards and repeat the same step as done with the other sheet.

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Polypropylene is also a type of plastic and subjecting it to high heat can damage it. When you use the iron to mark the fold, use it on low heat. Use the “poly” setting on your iron if it is available.

Place the Sheets Together

Your mask will have two fabric layers. Place one of the sheets with the handle facing the left. Put the other one on top of it with the handle facing the right. Hold both these sheets together by pinning them. The printed side of the mask should face the same direction. It will ensure that you can easily identify which side needs to face outwards. This will prevent you from accidentally wearing the outer contaminated surface on the inside.

Make the Mask Straps

You need to use the handles of the grocery bag to make the mask straps. Fold the handles in half and cut them in the center. Place the mask and center it over your face. The handles should come over the sides. You should ensure that the handles are long enough to reach the back of your head with at least 4-inches left to spare.

Make the Noseband

The next step is to make the noseband. This provides a better and tight facial fit. You will need to fold half-inch of the top of the mask and iron it. Use a wire and cut them into the same width as the mask. If the wire is sharp, then fold its ends to blunt it and to remain safe from injuries. Place the wire inside the fold and sew it on the sides to hold it in place. 

Sterilize the Mask Before Using

Your mask is now ready to use. You must, however, sterilize it before use. Put your mask in boiling water for nearly 10 minutes and let it dry in the sunlight.


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