Full Body Strength Dumbbells Workout Plan

full body dumbbells workout

Best dumbbell exercises for strength

If you are eager to have a great looking body, then it is high time you planned a full-body dumbbell workout schedule. You need to set the right routine to ensure that your energy is not wasted by doing the wrong exercises or simply performing it the wrong way. It might even lead to developing cramps and painful injuries. Mixing up the workouts including the order how each movement is to be done for every 4-6 weeks can be the key to improve overall fitness.

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You should not shock your body by performing different types of exercises at the same time. Rather, experts recommend performing a new routine periodically. With proper dumbbell schedules and exercises performed, it is very much possible to strengthen up the largest muscles present in the lower part of the body, including the back, arms and shoulders. What you require is just two dumbbells. The exercises need to be performed like a circuit and aim for about 3-5 rounds.

5 total body dumbbell workout lose weight and gain strength

5. Seated Shoulder Press

Some people says that shoulder dumbbell press only works your shoulders, but, it’s not true. This exercise is one of the best exercise in this dumbbell workout plan. Shoulder press works your forearms, chest, upper back and overall arms.

How to do:

You need to hold the dumbbell in both your hands, sit on the bench, with back tall and knees bent before, and feet flat on the floor. Get your arms in goalpost position, elbows being in sync with the shoulders and palms facing forwards. Press dumbbells overhead directly by keeping down your shoulders, without actually locking the elbows. Then lower back slowly to goalpost position. Do at least 8 reps.

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4. Turkish Get-up


This dumbbell exercise is great for strength and weight loss.

How to do:

Sit down on the floor with dumbbell held in your left hand, with extended right leg and right hand on floor right under right shoulder. Now, extend left arm overhead straightly with bended left knee. Push hips as high as possible and drop right knee beneath and turn torso forwards, stand. Then, reverse this movement so as to return back to start position. Perform 15-20 reps and repeat on opposite side for completing the set.

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3. Forward Lunge & Curl


How to do:

Take dumbbell in both hands, with extended arms at sides and palms that face one another. Stand having feet hip-width apart. Using left foot, take big step forwards. Bend both knees to lunge. While bending right elbow, curl weight towards the shoulder. Then step backwards to extend your right arm to go to start position and perform again. Carry out 10-15 reps and then for completing sets, switch sides.

2. Pulse squat to Curtsy Lunge

Pulse squat to Curtsy Lunge Exercise

How to do:

With your feet shoulder width apart, hold heavy dumbbell in both your hands and stand, having arms extended on sides. Now bend your elbows on sides, to bring weights to shoulder height before you. Squat by sinking glutes down and bend knees by about 90 degrees. In squat position, pulse once and then pres to stands back upwards through heels. Then, lunge your left leg backwards and to right of right knee, with both knees bended, extend arms downwards by sides. Come back to start and switch sides and then repeat. perform this activity for about a minute.

1. Straight leg deadlift with raised knee position

How to do:

Take dumbbell in both hands, palms facing one another and arms by sides. Now, hinge forwards from the hips and lift your left leg behind, reducing weights towards floor till torso is found becomes parallel to ground. Also, your spine should become a straight line. Once you stand, your left knee needs to be brought towards your chest till 90 degree angle is created. Perform 12-20 reps and repeat opposite side.

Performing the above 5 dumbbell exercises can help you get that wonderful looking, athletic body that you had always desired for.


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