Gal Gadot Workout and Diet Routine for Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Workout and Diet Routine for Wonder Woman

Knowing more about Gal Gadot complete workout and diet plan

Wonder Woman is an English film directed by Patty Jenkins in 2017. It is a superhero film that narrates the story based on the DC comics. The film has characters with the same names asdescribed in the comics. Gal Gadot who played the role of wonder woman was a struggling actress in Hollywood. The former Miss Israel has now become a role model for many girls all over the world. This is because she transformed her body into a muscle machine with anintensive workout and diet plan. In other words, Gal Gadot worked very hard to accomplish her goals in the bodybuilding process.

How Gal Gadot got a good physique?

Gal Gadot faced several struggles to get in shape for the role while acting in the film. It took nearly six months to transform her body. She worked out six hours a day to prepare for the film Wonder Woman. Moreover, she followed some techniques to ensure a perfect shape. Some of them include strength training, martial arts, climbing, horse riding, etc. All of them paid off well because she gained muscle mass that made her a superhero.

Another thing is that she balanced each meal with equal amounts of proteins and greens to get better results. Gadot said that she doesn’t want to restrict herself too much because she is a foodie. She advises people to enjoy their foods that fit their lifestyle. Her fitness trainers and diet coach made her strong both physically and emotionally inbodybuilding.

About Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Workout Plan

Gal Gadot’s workout plan is a combination of cardio exercises, strength training, arms, and abs circuit workout. Anyone who wants to perform the workout should know more about the exercises in detail.

1. Cardio exercises

Gal Gadot doing cardio

The cardio exercises introduced by Gal Gadot enable a person to focus more on his/her objectives effectively. Some activities included in the workout include warm-ups, rowing, mountain climbers, bird dog, push-ups, pull-ups, and burpee broad jumps. One should do warm-ups for 5-10 minutes before performing them. This will help a lot to prepare for the exercises without any difficulties.

Rowing is a good cardio workout that contributes more to strengthen the cardiovascular system significantly. Those who want to ensure a great shape can perform the exercise on a machine. The primary advantage of the activity is that it gives ways to transport important materials and blood to the body. It is advisable to do the activity for 5 minutes.

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Mountain climbers are another set of exercisesthat work well for a bodybuilder. They allow a person to enhance their agility, core strength, and cardio endurance. However, it is imperative to follow the step-by-step instructions properly while performing the activity. Similarly, the bird-dogbodyweight exercisehelps to strengthen the core effectively on abdominal muscles and other areas. Finally, one should do push-ups (5 sets of 3 reps) and pull-ups (7 sets of 3 reps).

2. Strength training

Wonder Woman Strength training

Strength training is the second step followed in Gal Gadot’s workout plan that helps a person to obtain optimal results. It involves activities such as warm-ups, bent over row, reverse curl, Romanian deadlifts, weighted squats, and cool-down exercises.

A bent-over row is a weight training exercise that helps to target a variety of back muscles. It is the best option for increasing the size and strength to a large extent. In the same way, the Romanian deadlift provides ways to develop the posterior chain muscles. The activity aims at physical works on the muscles enabling a person to gain major advantages. Besides that, the activity utilizes a traditional barbell lift to witness the desired outcomes.

On the other hand, it is necessary to perform weighted squats with appropriate supervision to reduce injuries and other problems. A reversal curl enables a bodybuilder to develop bigger arms and better biceps. While performing the activity, one should consider using an EZ curl bar or an Olympic bar. The final step is to do some cool-down exercises such as upper body stretch, reclining butterfly pose, etc. They allow a person to bring back the body to a normal position after completing the workout.

Bodybuilders should do Romanian deadlifts with 3 sets of 5 reps and reverse curl with 3 sets of 5 reps.Likewise, they should perform weighted squats and bent over row with 3 sets of 5 reps.

3. Arms and abs circuit workout

It is the final stage of Gal Gadot’s workout that allows a person to get a good look. The first thing is that a bodybuilder should do the planks for 30 seconds. Next, he/she can do push-ups for 30 seconds to make the training a successful one.

Gal Gadot Diet Plan for Wonder Woman

Apart from workouts, Gal Gadot’s trainer introduced a diet plan to her which mainly focuses on balanced foods. She also emphasizes drinking plenty of water and moderation in everything to maintain health in a perfect state. Her trainer taught on how to balance each meal with equal parts of green vegetables and lean proteins.

Lean proteins allow bodybuilders to tone their muscles significantly. Similarly, leafy greens contain the most nutrition per calorie compared to other foods. Gal Gadot recommends bodybuilders to make their own green smoothies when they want to build muscles. This will help a lot to make the body look better after completing the workout.

Eggs are a good source of protein that gives ways to feel full throughout the day. One can even make smoothies with parsley, apples, celery, and other products. Gal Gadot also aims at adding veggies in her diet plan to maintain health in a perfect state. They make up about 30-40% of her diet due to several advantages. Besides that, she advises bodybuilders to include avocados in a diet because they help feel full longer.

Gal Gadot’s diet plan always includes the healthiest foods with moderation that allows a person to lead a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, one should follow the diet plan properly after knowing details online to get an excellent shape.


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