Here’s the science behind A Perfect HOME MADE ICECREAM


There are different types of desserts served across the globe. But the one that has managed to top the list in any occasion is ‘Ice Cream’. This is one item that is loved by people of all ages. There are several brands in the market offering tasty ice cream. But the truth is that not all of them are as good as claimed to be. Some are even made from vegetable oil only a handful with quality milk. If you are concerned with your family’s health, then you can prepare healthy ice creams at your home. The web is full of ideas shared by other homemakers. Doing some research will allow you to impress and excite your beloved ones. Your children will also want another scoop to pacify their cravings. Be it Banana Split or Hot Chocolate Sundae, everyone is sure to love having them. Moreover, there is no need to celebrate any occasion for preparing ice creams. You can prepare them at any time.

History of ice cream

Ice cream is indeed a great invention. But where did it originate from? History associated with these frozen confections is said to be obscure. Ice cream is said to have been originated in America, Gelato in Italy as well as Kulfi in India. Marco Polo, according to some belief is credited with introducing ice cream in Italy. King Solomon as per certain biblical passages is considered to have enjoyed iced drinks. In ancient Greece, Alexander the Great had enjoyed consuming frozen drinks that are wine or honey flavored. The Romans collected ice and stacked them in specially constructed ‘ice houses’ to prepare ice creams. However, the manner in which desserts were served & consumed completely changed during the 17th century. In Naples was invented sorbets and frozen desserts started to become popular. The Chinese are also credited with inventing milk-based ice cream. The Tang Dynasty emperors had first consumed frozen milk type confection, prepared from cow or buffalo milk, flour and camphor for flavor. Metal tubes were used to store the mixture and kept within ice pool to freeze them.

Tips to prepare tasty healthy home-made ice cream

  • When including mix-ins such as chocolate chips, almond or vanilla, etc., make sure the batter is cooled enough. Only at the time of churning should you use these ingredients.
  • Take a container to store the custard base and keep it in your freezer. After every 2-3 hours, whisk it to eliminate ice crystals until frozen.
  • Cover it using cling film. It will help avoid ice crystal formation.
  • Always use flat, shallow containers for freezing ice cream to promote better consistency.
  • Ensure having cold ice cream batter for the preparation. Avoid hurrying it. Before freezing, chill it for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Following the above tips will ensure deriving the creamiest and smoothest concoctions at your home. Moreover, no fancy ingredients will be essential for the preparation, but just rich, creamy flavors. Also, ice cream maker is not essential.

Ice cream recipes that you can prepare at your home

Chocolate ice cream:

Children of all ages including adults and seniors cannot simply resist this flavor. It is also super easy to prepare.

Mango ice cream:

This ice cream is creamy, rich and delicious. It has that mango pulp in it that makes it special. However, you can make this ice cream only during mango seasons.

Vegan chocolate ice cream:

 It is considered to be a dairy-free version of the much beloved chocolate ice cream. In this recipe is used banana and almonds to replicate, rich, creamy texture.

Vanilla ice cream:

 It is indeed a classic item and is available at stores across the globe. It is sure to make you feel nostalgic and crave for more. You may experiment with the toppings and use something of choice to create that perfect dessert that will impress everyone.

Watermelon & Coconut ice cream:

 You can simply mash up three unique flavors to prepare this tasty ice cream. It is sure to impress your family and friends and compel them to praise your preparation.

Apricot ice cream:

 If you love apricot flavor, then these creamy scoops are sure to delight your soul. Simply sprinkle a few almond pralines over the cream and you are sure to unravel magic.

5 Minutes Sundae:

 This is considered to be an all-time favorite and can be easily prepared at the home within 5 minutes! You just need the right ingredients for this simple ice cream preparation.

Tutti Fruity ice cream:

This ice cream’s nutty goodness can be now enjoyed with mixed fruits, vanilla and jam. It is indeed an amazing ice cream recipe that everyone is sure to fall in love.

Frozen Strawberry chocolate chip yogurt:

 You can prepare this recipe during strawberry season or if this fruit is available in your area during all seasons. Select fresh strawberries to prepare this frozen yogurt. But then you will have to use a good ice cream maker. If you do not find strawberries in the market, then you may use other fresh berries available. Besides tasting like a store purchased one, it also is quite healthy.

Coconut ice cream:

coconut ice cream

 This dairy-free alternative option is a favorite among adults. It just requires mixing four ingredients to create a delicious, creamy frozen treat sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Ice cream maker is not required for this purpose.

Avocado ice cream:

 The avocado can be converted into a lip smacking ice cream that is healthy, vegan, tasty and paleo-friendly. Moreover, your kids are sure to love the green color. You can whip up an Avocado chocolate ice cream that will amaze your children. Perhaps, they will ask for more without understanding that it is a healthy recipe.

Chocolate ice cream:

It requires mixing four simple ingredients and does not require using an ice cream maker. It can be prepared within 25 minutes and is sure to be a family favorite.

With some knowledge gained from the web and having some ingredients in the kitchen will allow your family to enjoy homemade ice cream.


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