Hidden Benefits of Bathing with Cold and Hot Water

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Cold Vs Hot Showers: Which one is better?

Do you prefer a cold or a hot shower? Showers are for cleansing and cleaning that a shower is always refreshing. However, here is how you can benefit from cold and hot showers.

Benefits of Hot showers

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  • Rejuvenates soul. A warm shower rejuvenates your soul on a long day end. It gives you the warmth that it is relaxing.
  • Relief to sore muscles. A hot shower relieves sore muscles, knots, and muscle tension. It helps to increase blood circulation, stimulates healing, eases pain, and reduces inflammation.
  • Clears sinuses.  The hot shower steam relieves cold symptoms as it works as a natural decongestant. The hot steam clears the nasal passage.
  • Better skin.  Hot showers helping to open the skin pores, help in softening, and making it healthy. A hot shower opens the body pores to unclog pores and cleanse the skin.

Benefits of Cold showers

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A cold shower is enough in the morning to prepare you for the day ahead. It benefits:

  • Your hair and skin. Coldwater is opposite to hot water. It closes the pores and tightens it. It locks the skin moisture and prevents dirt from seeking entry. The cold water in the head tightens the scalp increasing the hair follicles capacity. Thus, hair becomes stronger as it has a grip on the scalp.
  • Improves Circulation and Immunity: Apart from skin benefit, the cold showers help blood circulation better. The cold-water touches skin, constrict blood vessels and the circulation of vital organs improves.
  • Speeds Muscle recovery: Sportsmen immersing in ice baths help to reduce inflammation. They promote muscle recovery fast.¬† An ice pack numbs nerve endings and constricts blood vessels. Thereby it provides pain relief.

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Hot or cold shower?

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As both types of showers deliver benefits, you must consider the right one for you. Stick to the temperature of your choice. However, consider the instances that are better than the other.

  • If you have insomnia, consider a hot or warm shower.
  • The hot shower gives relief to cramps.

After a workout considering a hot and cold shower is best. So alternate between hot and cold shower to enjoy detoxification and better blood circulation.


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