This How To Quit Smoking Guide Explains The Benefits of Quitting Smoking


The best way to quit smoking immediately

how to easily stop smoking cigarettes ?

Well there is no easy way to quit smoking! But this guide will help you quit smoking if you are willing to put in a little effort. This is one of ‘the most natural way to quit smoking for good’.

So finally, you have decided to get back your strength and quit smoking? That’s great!

Smoking is dangerous for your health and every smoker knows that, it’s even clearly mentioned on a cigarette pack.  Why do we still smoke?

Because nicotine is THE MOST addictive drug in this world. In this post we will clear all the ways of quit smoking, once you finish reading this post, you will have a different thinking about smoking and hopefully will consider to quit smoking.

wasting money on cigarettes
waste of money on smokes

I use to be a smoker, I started smoking when I was 14. Remember your first cigarette? remember how you felt? Our body tells us whenever we use anything harmful, when you took that first puff, didn’t you experience that coughing and dizziness?

Well that’s the way how your body warns you when you take in anything harmful. Same goes for alcohol and other drugs but let’s stick with the main topic quit smoking.

I will share my experience with quitting smoking.

I smoked for almost 15 years, it all started with that first puff when I was 14. I tried to quit before many times but failed. I will share how I succeed finally and quit smoking 2 years ago.

Why you should quit smoking?

burning the cigarette pack

Grab a diary or piece of paper and a pen.

You should have your reasons for quit smoking. I had  countless reasons. I was spending too much money on cigarettes, bad breath, I wasn’t able to do anything without a cigarette and the MAIN reason was my health. So first you should have your reasons and write it down on a note.

Why should i or you pay for something that actually harms our body more and more day by day !

Your stop smoking plan

OK! So now you have your reasons to quit smoking for good!

You need to pick a date when you want to start living, write it down in your diary where you wrote your reasons.

You need to prepare yourself for this new lifestyle, it may feel bad for couple of days or weeks but REMEMBER that you are doing this for yourself and your family.

Now you need someone to be with you or help you on this journey. I used this app called “Smoke Free” and found this amazing group on Facebook (Quit smoking support). I started reading on this group, there are so many people who shared their experience and even you can chat with them when you are feeling urge of smoking. I would say it was really helpful.

The First Week : Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

smoking withdrawal symptoms

  • Day 1 –  I was really easy as I was fully motivated by all the readings and support of members from this Facebook group I was following.
  • Day 2 – I started to feel little difficulty concentrating, but I keep on reminding myself why I started this and what’s waiting for me on the other side once I kick this addiction.
  • Day 3 – Now I really started to feel angry, I took off from my work and just stayed home and reading stories and experiences of people who already quit smoking.
  • Day 4 – I was depressed and restless, luckily it was weekend, so I just stayed home and cooked some food, even though I was depressed but I can now feel , my breathing got better than before. I keep reminding myself that I can’t let a cigarette take over my life, your brain starts to play those games with you. It will keep trying to convince you to have that cigarette. You might have these thoughts in your mind.

You will have thoughts like, some of your family member or friend or actor smoked for years and never had an issue with health. You just don’t know they still suffered and were lucky to live that long.

You might have thought like, If you have just one cigarette it’s ok but the truth is there is no “ONE CIGARETTE “. Once you take a puff you are back to smoking and cigarette becomes your boss.

You need to stay focused and strong.

  • Day 5 – The physical pain now starts to get less and your mental and emotional pain gets stronger. Remember why you started this? Just keep on reminding yourself. Have a look at your smoke free app, how far you have come?
  • Day 6 – Your body starts to heal itself, you will get hungrier and it’s completely fine, enjoy food. Keep on reading and it’s a good time to start doing some cardio or just go for a walk.
  • Day 7 – Your physical pain is over now and it’s only your emotional and mental pain you have to deal with now. From here on it gets better and better. If you survived this 1 week, now you are almost on the other side, just stay strong.
freedom after quit smoking

It’s been 2 years since i stop smoking and i must say, smoking really takes away so much from your life. Now i feel much better physically and mentally. It was one of the best thing that happened to my life. I am a pro no smoking guy now.

“Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from addiction.”

Enjoy your new life, you are no longer a slave to cigarettes!

If this guide made up your mind to quit smoking, please do help others by sharing this article!


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