I do not know which ones you are.

Are you one of those lizard-like, sun-drenched lizards who deploy self-regulating techniques of body heat just to stay in the sun longer? They smear of oil and hold up the skin is very brown, well-typed and leaves the beach only when the solar star is tired of having to shine too long.

Or are you those who buy a shitty umbrella, made in very far away, at the souvenir shop of the beach to erect it as a rampart between the sun and the sun and clinging to it when the wind threatens to fear to find yourself at the mercy of the ultraviolet?

In both cases, and even if you belong to another category that my Manichean introduction has not described, I will tell you: you are entitled to elegance even at the beach.


Arriving with a formless faded t-shirt, long surfer swims shorts and Havaianas flip flops, anyone can do it. Everyone is doing it very well, instinctively, and moreover, there are only a few people to take offence at it so why not do it differently? After all, we will sweat on a towel, so why make the effort to dress well?

Only if you have seen movies like And God … created the woman, Full Sun or his American adaptation The Talented Mr Ripley, The Pool, or movies with Marcello Mastroianni same, maybe you have seen what There is something charming and nice to be stylish at the beach.

Do not worry, I’m not talking about a tie, or a jacket or closed shoes. It is not a question of spending the same vacations as Mr Hulot but I encourage to make the effort to be presentable in a context where everything urges us not to be present.

Because it’s in situations like these that we see the real elegant ones. Yes, elegance is played even on the short distance between the car and the beach.

Besides, you forgive me the digression but Pitti Uomo, the famous show of men’s fashion in Florence, we discern pretty quickly the true elegance of fake. There is an implacable truth, which can not be mimicked, which emanates from the real elegant ones, those who are even to go to the beach and I do not speak to buy expensive clothes, I speak to choose his clothes with care even in the most informal moments.

This is what gives this truth which is then lugged around with you and does not deceive.

A good beach outfit is:

  • A short-sleeved top
  • Bathing shorts
  • Sun glasses
  • Headgear
  • Open shoes
  • A bag


Of course, you have the right to wear a bathing suit . Especially if you have been in your fifties, your skin is already dark just after summer has started, there is a bit of irreverence in you and confidence in every atom of your body.

Maybe even you have a little dog to which you gave a name of human and that you take in the arms because it is difficult to advance in the sand.

You are a regular at the beach, municipal employees greet you. You know the smallest grain of sand and put your towel always in the same place at the same time each day.

You are in Cannes, or along the Amalfi Coast, the Costa Brava or anywhere else as long as the water that licks your beach is called the Mediterranean.

But for all the others, I advise the swim shorts. I am fiercely attached to the idea that there is no elegance without a little modesty and that all clothes that do not compromise the dignity of the wearer are always preferable.

Or, you have to know how to distil a small dose of shamelessness in a dignified setting: it is, for example, the shirt that was opened a little too much, in a context of strong heat, or it is the little watch a little bling on tanned skin.


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