How to Build a Home Gym – Best Home Gym Set Up Tips


Home Fitness Room Ideas – Step-by-step guide on building a home gym 2019

Every fitness freak have a dream of getting his own home gym. Thought of having a home gym crosses almost everyone’s mind. Many people thinks that building a home gym is expensive or they don’t have enough space for it.

I have a good news for you, you don’t need a lot of money and space for a home gym. With this step-by-step guide, you can build your own personal gym in your dream house.

In this post i will cover how to build a home gym with minimum cost and space.

1. Space for the Gym
climbing rope in home gym
man climbing rope

We often see many people with money have big gyms and buy lots of useless equipment which later on just eating dust. If you live in a big house, you can choose a particular room for your home gym. It can be storage room or underground room, you can even build it on the roof of your house.

For people who lives in a small house of apartment, if you do not have a spare room for a home gym, you can build it in any room of your house or apartment. When i said “any room”,  i didn’t mean you will need the whole room, all you need to do is just clear a corner of that room.

2. Gym up the Place
gym equipment on the floor
gym equipment

Once you have chosen your gym are or space, now it’s time to make it suitable for workout. Every gym should have some natural light and air, so if your gym space has natural light and air, it’s perfect. But, if it doesn’t, you can arrange some gym lights and fan, they are very cheap and gives  positive vibes for workout.

Clear all the distractions from your gym area, everything that can distract you needs to go. Stick a poster on the wall with your bodybuilder, it keeps you motivated.

3.  Home Gym Equipment
barbell in home gym
home gym

First of all decide your budget for the gym equipment. If you are tight on budget, you can buy equipment one by one, like one equipment each month.

You can also try to find used gym equipment from craigslist or eBay or gym equipment auctions. There are countless equipment for the home gym but, you only need a few equipment for your full body workout. Let’s jump right into this.

  • Dumbbells This is one of the most important equipment that you need for your gym, dumbbells can be used for many workouts and it’s a must. Try to find dumbbell from used stuff stores or online store here.
  • Bench There are many workouts that needs us to lay down, bench is also used for many workouts like bench press, chest, triceps, biceps workouts.  Luckily nowadays benches aren’t that expensive. You can get a adjustable bench that goes decline, incline and flat on a decent price.
  • Barbell– You should be careful when buying a barbell as you will be using it the most.  Most barbell sets come with an inexpensive Olympic bar, usually chrome plated and rated for approximately 400 lbs.
  • These are fine for beginners and a good place to start, but in time the sleeves will fall off and the bar will probably bend. So go for something permanent and strong. This bar comes with lifetime warranty and highly recommended.
  • Racks Racks can come with pull-up/chin bars, dip attachments, band pegs, even pulley systems for a complete home gym set up. You are going to need it.
  • Cardio Equipment You don’t need treadmill or cross trainer,we can get a thorough warm-up from dynamic stretching and bodyweight exercises, so we’re covered there. And as far as fitness and fat loss goes, there are many exercises which you can perform on a yoga mat. There is a list of cardio equipment that you can select from for your home gym. These equipment are very helpful but not necessary.
  •   Music System If you already have speakers, just set them up in your home gym, listening to your favorite songs while working out increases your performance. You can also get a music system at decent prices from online store like Amazon.
4. Ready To Go
man exercise in home-gym
exercise in home gym

Your home gym is ready now and your real fitness journey starts now, keep your gym clean and always place gym equipment on their place after using them. Workout hard guys!


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