How to build a home-gym in low budget?

home gym

Step-by-step guide to make your own gym at home in low budget

Building a fitness room at home does not have to be expensive and there isn’t any reason why you should not be able to create a fully functioning personal gym with a low budget.

How to create the perfect homegym?

Are you tired of the bustle and sweaty rooms of the normal commercial training rooms? Are you tired of the travel time you spend to and fro your local gym and its influence on the number of sessions you get to perform each week? Or are you simply tired of paying too much for gym facilities you still have to share with other people?

If you have answered any of these questions is “yes” then perhaps the time has come to consider your own personal home gym.

The budget

How much to build a home gym?

Building a fitness room at home need not be expensive. Begin with the basics and in the meantime look out for the devices that you will need later on. If the price is right, you can buy and add to your gym for a reasonable price at that time.

The atmosphere

This is perhaps the most fun aspect of building your own fitness room. Think deeply on what motivates you to train and then fill your training room with things that go with it. That will assist you in visualizing your ultimate goal. Therefore adjust your training room to suit your person, so that when you go to your own fitness room, you stimulate your subconscious to work hard. That way you automatically get more success.

The essential equipment

1. Olympic barbell and weight plates

Olympic barbell and weight plates
Olympic barbell and weight plates

The Olympic barbell and weight plates are important attributes that you need for your home training room; it is the basis of virtually all your daily workouts. Workouts that deliver real results on your body are not dependent on a wide range of exercises, but depend on classic core and compound exercises that we’ve known for years.

Below is an overview of the exercises you will be able to perform with an Olympic barbell and set of discs:

> Legs: Squats, Lunges, back squats, Deadlift

> Back: Power Cleans, upright row

> Shoulders: Behind the neck press

> Chest: Bench press (fall & flat slope)

> Arms: Skull crushers, Bicep curls

2. Weight bench (fitness bench)

Weight bench
Weight bench

To get the best out of your Olympic barbell (and weight plates to pick) you need a weight bench (also called weight machines). Make sure to buy a barbell bench with decline and incline functions: though you may not use it all the time, whenever you decide to do a split training in bodybuilding style it will be a great choice.

3. The sports floor – rubber floor parts

The sports floor - rubber floor parts
The sports floor – rubber floor parts

An important thing to note when implementing a home gym is the floor: it should protect your home and ensure that your fitness equipment lasts longer. A suitable sports floor will also assist in reducing the noise level coming from your gym.

Do not go for foam floors, they are not resistant to such heavy materials. Choose a full rubber floor with sufficient cushioning, tailored to your needs. These rubber flooring parts will last for years and are very affordable.

A suitable sports floor really improves and protects your home and also ensures that your fitness equipment lasts longer. The PT Essentials rubber floorboards are very easy to lay and very easy to cut to size with a good knife.

4. Kettlebells


Kettlebells are super versatile tools and you can do almost all the exercises that you would also do with dumbbells. At the same time you can add a feeling of thrust and effrctive training to your daily workouts. This gives you a hundred extra variations, taking up less space in your gym.

5. Dumbbells


Dumbbells are perhaps one of the best-known fitness materials and should not be missing in any gym. With dumbbells you can perform endless exercises and you are able to train the entire body super effectively. If you have the space, take a nice set of dumbbells, for example 2 to 30 kg. Do you have limited space? Then go for adjustable dumbbells.


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