How to choose a good Italian costume?


An Italian costume marvelously combines elegance and comfort. It is often distinguished by a fitted jacket and the lack of padding. You opt for this style when you want to bring out your beautiful silhouette. Discover in this article some important criteria to take into account to choose an Italian suit perfectly adapted to your morphology.

The opportunities and the quality of the fabric

To be successful in choosing your Italian costume, you must also take into account the planned event . This type of outfit is still very popular for weddings. It brings out the elegance and charm of the groom. You can also wear it to attend a meeting or work session. Of course, it is also suitable for dating. In all these cases, prefer a two button jacket. To attend social evenings, do not hesitate to try the crossed jackets .

The fabric and its color

The Italian costume is generally designed from lightweight, fine and flexible high-end fabrics. Choose an outfit that gives you real comfort. You must feel comfortable about it and “breathe the dolce vita” as Italians love to do. In terms of quality, wool is undeniably the star fabric for buying an Italian costume. You can also opt for cotton and linen jackets that are perfect for summer. Favor the models in tweed and flannel for the winter season.

In addition, the selection must be made in accordance with the costume code. This one is based on three basic colors. Navy blue and gray are especially suitable for weddings and work. As for the black, it remains privileged by the waiters and the employees of the funeral societies. You can wear a black Italian costume during solemn events such as commemoration ceremonies or homage to a missing person. 

The Italian style offers a wide range of very elegant colors with quite exceptional finishes. You will find something for everyone. You can also be tempted by the major motifs such as the chevron, the hound’s foot, the Prince of Wales, the tiles and the stripes.

The cut and the structure of the costume

Make sure the chosen costume fits your figure perfectly. It should show ideal bending closer to the body so that your torso draws a V when you sport it. The pants must also be part of the same logic with a fork more or less short. You must be able to wear it with elegance in a relaxed way.

 The jacket of the Italian costume usually has two buttons. But, you can also find on the market models with a four or six buttons crossover jacket. You make your selection considering the event for which you will wear your outfit. To participate in social evenings, opt for costumes with a high number of buttons. Do not lose sight of your morphology when choosing your Italian costume. 

This style is not generally suitable for a person with a broad build. Make sure the shoulders of the jacket fit perfectly with your physique. Check the accuracy of their cut and seam. This will really enhance your figure.

The structure

Italian costumes do not have Neapolitan shoulders and padding. You can choose with or without lining. Hold a model with two or three pockets without flaps. This will allow you to sport it with elegance and in all relaxation. Check that the selected outfit has socketed sleeves with an ideally tight and high head.

 Your ensemble will look pretty bent. Privilege an Italian costume without a slot which fits your silhouette beautifully. You can also find on the market full transalpine with one or two slots. Make sure that the wide lapels fitted with your suit you. Check to see if it follows the natural curvature of your body as well as that of your back.

This will preserve you from any sailing effect. You can wear it with elegance without the impression of floating. It allows you to display a disconcerting relaxation.

By the way, a good Italian suit must exactly match your morphology. It must fit you as well as a tailored outfit. The jacket should not look too big at the risk of giving the impression that you are skinny.

 If you choose it too short, it will definitely inconvenience you and you will feel a choking sensation. The back of your jacket should fall exactly at the level of your hip. The sleeves should be just before the palms of your hands.

Finally, you must also choose the pants suit with rigor and thoroughness to avoid any inconvenience. In all cases, the selection must be based on your morphology. 

You can settle for a slim fit. You also have the possibility to resort to adjustments in the pure logic of the Italian style which innovates with a point of provocation. Make sure that the hem falls exactly on the suit to display a perfect and irreproachable look.

The finishes and the brand

After having carefully examined the general appearance of the Italian costume, you are interested in the details. Check the functionality of the buttonhole. Make sure of the convenience of the pockets. Also, consider his breastplate.

Choose a semi-interlaced or linen jacket. Also, analyze the finishes of other items such as half-moon pockets or a silk lining. In any case, some alterations may occur when you buy ready-to-wear. If you have doubts about their feasibility, take advice from your tailor.


You will find on the market Italian costumes of different values. They impress with their elegance, the material of manufacture, the cut, the architecture, and the finishes. Different brands offer models of different ranges. If you do not choose Anthony Boy for everyone, think about trying the famous Italian brands like Boggi. 

Many other known tailors also offer the option of ordering custom items. You will be able to acquire Italian costumes that perfectly fit your body taking into account your morphology. Also visit famous standings like:

  • Artling;
  • Blandin & Delloye;
  • Faubourg Saint-Sulpice;
  • Etc.


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