How to choose and wear a sleeveless suit vest: Men’s Fashion


Strict, too correct, old-fashioned, not cool enough, it’s for the old and the newlyweds! These are the images attributed to the vest at a certain time. But his comeback in the men’s fashion quickly made its effect. And yes gentlemen, the vest is no longer the preserve of brides and men over the age of fifty.

It appears closets to sublimate all looks and to delight all ages to become the flagship of a chic and elegant style. But men understand it well, a look is nothing without a suit vest chosen and worn with taste.

Costume vest: a fashion piece of yesteryear

The wearing of the vest is not new. The origin of this flagship piece of the male dressing goes back to the first half of the seventeenth century. At that time, he was wearing a long jacket and a leotard to mark the social class. For a certain period, this dress was the centerpiece of the nobility’s outfits.

It was the Persians who invented the vest. This piece quickly seduced the nobility of the time, especially the English returning from their expedition in Asia. His arrival in France dates from the return of King Charles II when he was exiled to the country.

He intended to make a change to the clothing of the French court that he considered too pompous and ample. The evolution of the cut and the ornament of this piece is remarkable. Before the nineteenth century, sewing in gold threads, massive ornaments, the combination of shimmering and brilliant colors and the use of precious fabrics were privileged. The vests remained at the time genuine pieces of art.

But when the European monarchies weakened and the Industrial Revolution took flight, this piece became increasingly sober, lighter and more bent from the nineteenth century. Over time, with the pants and the jacket, she forms the holy trinity of the three-piece suit that is often seen in special events.

But currently, it is all the rage, even in the streets. The tailors are full of imagination and compete for talent to create a range of styles of vests exclusively in the air. It is therefore not surprising that these pieces are part of the list of essential pieces of the male wardrobe.

Costume Vest: the must-have of the male dressing

Want to stay chic in all circumstances? The vest brings a touch of elegance and refinement to your look. Thanks to its vintage charm and ultimate chic, catch the eye on yourself by adopting an original style for every occasion.

Formerly seen in marriages version “grand tralala” with the suit and the lavallière or on men of high social class, the vest is invited today in your dressing room to break these codes. This gentleman’s dress will certainly find its place in order to give it a unique cachet. Whatever your dress habit, this piece will bend to all your desires.

The costume vest fills the windows and catalogs of online shops. Sold in pieces or with the matching costume, this outfit comes in different textures, colors, and styles. It’s impossible not to find your happiness among this wide range of choices.

There is something to decorate your wardrobe with models in the sober or more daring style. Fans of customization and customization can also knock on the doors of great tailors to afford a beautiful piece of unique style more refined.

Wear a suit vest: why?

If the vest is back in force in the locker room, it is surely not for nothing. Worn with a matching jacket and pants for a more British and formal style, or with jeans to add a touch of elegance to a casual look, this must-have, chic piece comes to your rescue on any occasion.

Its port alone is enough to highlight the charm of your outfits, even the soberest. Even if the suit vest is used to hide the condition of your shirt that is not ironed or dull, it plays its role perfectly. This piece gives radiance and elegance to your outfit. Your shirt in poor condition will surely remain unnoticed.

Gentlemen, if you have a pot belly and love handles to hide, the suit vest is for you. This piece hides your beads thanks to its fitted cut that acts as a sheath. It highlights your silhouette to highlight your assets of seduction and hide your flaws.

How to choose your suit vest: the criteria to take into account

To avoid the fashion faux-pas, it is necessary to respect certain rules when choosing your vest of the suit. Even though this piece can make you look chic and elegant, it can also become the worst enemy of your style and comfort, if you make the wrong choice. Take into account these few criteria of choice to succeed to adopt the style that you want to display.

The choice of material … wool, tweed, cotton, silk, linen …?
In general, a vest is composed of 2 parts: the plain back which is often sewn with a contrasting fabric like viscose and silk to break the formal appearance of the outfit and the front. For the latter, an infinite choice of subjects is offered to you.

Wool for a winter jacket

Most suit jackets are made from beautiful fabrics like wool. Light, noble and easy to clean, this natural material will bring chic to your room.

Very breathable, it promises unparalleled wearing comfort, in winter as in summer. Its softness respects all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

Let yourself be seduced by silk for a more elegant and refined look
Soft to the touch, luxurious and natural, this brightly beautiful material will bring out the style of costume vest that inspires you.

Its lightness and flexibility make it a wise choice to stay attractive without feeling uncomfortable. Silk is, in addition, a breathable fabric. Whether you wear your vest with or without your suit, this material keeps you in optimum comfort. Chic and soft, velvet, for its part, gives a chic look to your look. Sensory in essence, this cozy material allows you to create a unique piece with distinguished charm and slightly outdated.

A cotton suit vest (tweed more precisely) will also be the accomplice of your outfits
It will never get too hot while highlighting the chic side of your dress style. Whether you are a fan of the vintage, original, contemporary or casual look, there is no doubt that you can not resist the softness and elegance of a cotton vest. The model of tweed suit jacket knows, by the way, a great success thanks to its rich shimmering patterns that can display a vintage look insured.

Embroidered or topstitched, your piece will give peps to all of your outfits. This is the assurance of a certain chic classicism. Surely, your iconic tweed vest will bring a second youth to your dressing room. Last thing: bet on a thicker fabric that holds well to bring out the shape of your vest in all circumstances.

In short, make your choice based on its usefulness. For special occasions, prefer smooth and satiny materials. If you want, however, to wear your vest at the office, in the street or every day, opt for textured materials such as wool mottled.

The cuts: straight or crossed, with or without reverse?

This is surely the question you ask yourself when choosing your vest. To draw your figure, the first rule to follow is to opt for a well-waisted and fitted vest. It must be perfectly tailored to your measurements and fell on the top of the pants for a well-groomed look.

TIP: Always choose a vest with a strap on the back to bend it as you please

As for the cut, 2 choices are available. Rarer than straight vests, the crossed model allows you to display a dandy, distinguished and original look. Made with 2 columns of 4 to 6 buttons, this vest is for you if you hope to find the ultimate elegance.


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