How to choose suspenders?


The straps are strips used in pairs and which can be made of leather, elastic, polypropylene or silk. They bring you more comfort in your outfit by allowing to fix the clothes at the level of the shoulder. Long regarded as an old-fashioned and outmoded accessory, braces are coming back in strength in recent years. Indeed considered

as the accessory to have, they allow you to combine comfort, style, and elegance while affirming your personality! Nevertheless, to benefit from all these assets, it is important to know how to choose them so that they actually put you in value.

Choose your suspenders: where to start?

You may feel lost in the right choice for your ramp. Here are some geek tips to guide you!

The perfect color choice for your suspenders
To be sure to make the right choice, keep in mind that the overload of colors and patterns is prohibited. In general, the rule is not to go beyond 3 colors in your clothing.

Give priority to colors such as black, gray, brown, navy and red. These 5 colors adapt very quickly to many outfits as well as many other color ranges. Thus, according to your desires of the day, you will be able to adapt with these colors styles ranging from the most classic, to the most original through casual and serious styles.

What material to choose for your suspenders? Leather? without metal?
Do you want to offer solid suspenders that will last a very long time? Well, wear your choice of leather.

eather is the most used material today for the manufacture of braces. On the other hand, for straps that are more comfortable to wear and easy to handle, turn to the elastic fabric.

Pay attention to the details!

Before buying a pair of suspenders, do not neglect any detail! Check the completeness and regularity of the seams. A small thread that breaks through here, buttons with colors too garish by that? Gum-free tweezers that can seriously damage the fabric of your pants? Do not hesitate, go to the next one!

Choose braces made to measure for you!

Having the role of maintaining your pants, it is essential to make the right choice of size when acquiring your suspenders. You will not face any problem of comfort and will be at the top of your charm.

Standard sizes for suspenders:

The size of the straps refers to the length and width of the straps. The lengths available on the market can vary between 90 cm and 130 cm . for sizes outside these dimensions, custom orders can be made. In relation to the different widths, they are between 1.5 cm and 4 cm. Extreme suspenders are defined as braces up to 1.8 cm wide; the thin ones are those between 1.8 cm and 2.5 cm, and the broad ones measure between 2.5 cm and 4 cm.

Extra-thin, thin or wide braces: which choice is best suited to your body type?

Woman or man, these tips will serve you just as much when choosing your suspenders.

For very thin and slender people: with such a silhouette, do not hesitate, you can absolutely afford everything in terms of braces. Wide, thin or extra thin, you’ll wear them all as gloves!

For thin people and little muscular: in this case, it is advisable to opt for thin straps, they will have the role of enhancing your figure.

For the big-bellied people: are you relatively strong with belly points? Adopt in this case wide straps that will hide your belly and thin your figure. In this case, opt for straps in the shape of “Y” would be a very good choice.
For muscular people and square shoulders: here, with your appearance of sporty, it is advisable to opt for wide straps. They will be seen without risk of getting lost in your muscles.

For the very fit: Choosing wide straps is the best choice. They will fit perfectly to your figure.

To be totally stunning in braces: the mistakes to avoid at all costs!
Have you finally been able to choose the straps that suit you best? Now, be careful to avoid some mistakes that could ruin everything!

Wearing straps and a belt at the same time: it will be necessary to make the choice of one or the other to wear these two accessories at the same time will overload for sure your clothing.

Wear shoes that are totally different from your suspenders: make sure that you are more elegant at least matching the color of your straps to that of your shoes.


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