How to Cut Your Own Hair Like a Professional

How to Cut Your Own Hair Like a Professional

Step by step guide on how to cut your own hairs in simple steps

Cutting your own hair? Even thinking about it might appear to be overwhelming. While you might like to go to a salon if you wish to get a fancy hairstyle, you can get a more or less decent haircut even at home. You will need a few practices prior to effortlessly styling your own hair. In any case, getting an easy haircut is more or less easy, and there is minimal effort involved. With the best tips and scissors, you can easily snip your own hair without spending a long time. These days, when going to a salon is not possible for many, the best alternative is cutting your own locks at home.

In case you are trying to cut your own hair for the first time, and happen to be scared, look at the video tutorials that are posted on YouTube. It is also easy to find tips and videos on hair salon blogs and sites. Here is how to get new bangs or cut the split ends of your hair.

Get the best pair of scissors

It is easy to cut hair at home. First, you have to invest in the right pair of scissors, and start working on your own hair. You cannot find standard scissors up to the mark for snipping your own locks. Your ends will be split even more by home scissors with dull edges.

You will also face a tough time in snipping your hair with standard scissors. The results are unlikely to be the best. With scissors having razor-sharp edges, you can style hair faster and without putting the split ends at risk. Unless you have the best styling scissors, never cut hair.

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Cut less hair than you feel is needed

On the first attempt, it is better that you snip less hair that is needed. You may always snip more hair, but cannot get hair back if you end up cutting more than needed, making the crown look bad. It is particularly applicable in case you are cutting hair when it is still wet – given that when dried it will appear shorter in length.

Make your hair moist

Although you can cut dry hair alright, it is better that you lightly spray water on it. When hair is damp, you can get higher level of control as you cut it. Every hair styling professional loves to make hair moist first. But if you have curly hair, it is recommended that you dampen it only a little or allow it to stay dry.

How to Cut Straight Hair?

man doing his own haircut with trimmer straight hairs
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You can cut straight hair easily. First of all, you have to dampen the hair and properly comb it to keep it tangle-free.

Technique 1

First, tie hair into a low ponytail. Use an elastic band to tie hair 2 – 3 inches under the ponytail. Use another band and repeat this step 1 inch down. Use the fingers to guide you in the process, and snip the tips of your hair in a straight line.

Technique 2

You need to part hairs in the middle. Get the hair to the front. Tie together both of your hair sections with an elastic band down the face. Use the fingers to guide you in the process, and snip the hair straight.

Technique 3

Comb hair and part it. Hold the hair between two of your fingers. Diagonally align the fingers. Use the fingers to guide you in cutting your hair. You need more precision for this technique. In case you do not feel that you can manage this method successfully, try the other techniques.

How to Cut Bangs?

You have to be more careful in case you are snipping new bangs. Before cutting your own hair, you might like to practice over a wig. However, in case you are trying to shape or are trying to trim the bangs existing already, you can go on.

Technique 1

Section the hair in a triangular fashion. This is one of the ways to cut your bangs. Twist the front hair together, and snip the length that you want.

Technique 2

Part the hair in the center. Get together a few of the front strands of both your hair. Pull back, or clip, your other hair sections at the rear section of your hair – so as to hold them in place. Use the fingers to guide you in cutting together your front strands.

How to Cut Curly Hair?

Part your hair layers. Begin with the layer at the bottom and get the other layers separated. Hold hair between your fingers and cut them in a straight fashion. After you have taken care of the layers at the bottom, get them tied up behind the head. Get the next layer to the front, and snip the hair in the same method.

Try the same with your remaining hair layers. Tie the prior layers or pull them back prior to working on the following one. In case there are bangs, tightly hold the ends. Use the fingers to guide you in cutting your hair.


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