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Learn How To Dress For Your Height: Dressing Guide Men

How to Dress for Your Height?

It is a fact that nobody can do much about height, whether he / she is too short or tall or of an average height. Once the height is fixed at the end of maturity, you can only dress for your height to make yourself look visually better in stature. Here are some tips that will help you to dress well for your height.

For shorter people

Go for slimmer fits

man wearing black slim fit tshirt and slim fit denim jeans
slim fit jeans

You can pick slimmer fits, which are a vital aspect of looking taller. When you choose slimmer fits over loose-fitting and baggier shapes, you can look taller immediately as your dresses will stick to your body shape and make it look that your attire is not overwhelming you. With slimmer fitted garments you can definitely look taller. If you do not wish to be swamped by the fabric, avoid pieces that are too baggy.

When you put on loose-fitting or baggy clothing, you will look smaller immediately. Think about Tupac or Ice Cube from the hip-hop scene of the 90s, who wore over-sized clothes and looked shorter in appearance. You would obviously like to avoid it.

Avoid loud colors and prints

These are recommended for men of any height, given that loud colors and prints can quickly date your wardrobe. Unless you can get the right pattern, you can appear all over the place. In case you have a shorter height than average, the use of loud colors and prints can draw a lot of attention to your stature. When anyone comes in contact with you, his eyes will be drawn immediately to your outfits due to the print and color. He or she will notice your height more. You would like to have your attire focus on anything more tonal. All-brown or all-black dresses tend to flow all through your body.

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That does not mean you have to choose colors that make you blend into the background, so that nobody really notices you. It can be better for you to stick to a color palette that is more neutral, in case you want to look taller. For those who wish to look taller, tonal dressing is the best choice. This is because, keeping the same type of color all through can make others notice you not in separate pieces – such as jacket, trousers, tees etc, but as a whole.

Roll up your jeans or trousers

It might appear abnormal, particularly when you are advised to opt for more fitted clothing pieces. But rolling the trouser bottom up can actually create the illusion of being taller than your stature. This is because this makes the legs appear slimmer and longer at the same time.

As far as style is concerned, rolling the trousers up might appear to be avoided strictly. However, this is the way to go if you wish to look taller than you are. In the world of menswear, the trend of rolling up jeans or trousers has lasted for a long time. The last few years have seen stars like David Beckham, Akshay Kumar and Ryan Reynolds rolling their jeans or trousers up every now and then. Rolling up jeans / trousers will leave a small gap between your trouser leg and shoe, thus making you appear taller than what you are wearing.

Get trousers with apt bottoms

If you wish to create an illusion of height, ensure that the bottoms of trousers do not settle lower than the ankle bone. It will let you show some sock and the trousers will perfectly sit on your shoes. With the help of a tailor, you can have your trouser bottoms altered to the right size. Thus, you can easily get the bottoms that will not touch the floor.

Pick the right suits

When you purchase a suit, it is essential that you consider its fit – which is obviously the most essential factor. It is the fit that decides how you feel and how you would be looked by people while you are suited up. Ensure that it fits you just like a glove. If it swamps you, your body will immediately appear to be smaller. You would definitely want to avoid this. Make sure that the suit of your choice is not very tight, and it allows you to freely move about with no restriction. Ensure that the shoulder seams directly sit over your shoulder blade and its sleeves finish right over the wrist bone.

You have to be capable of buttoning the jacket up without being able to see the unpleasant ‘X’ indented into your jacket – given that this indicates that the jacket is a small one. It is important that the suit perfectly fits your body, neither too small nor too big. It has to keep the legs of the trousers immediately about the shoe. In case they are very long, you can have them altered with ease.

Wear accessories higher up on the body

Jewelry and hats will crave attention to the upper half of your body, and not highlight your stature. If you love to accessorize your attire, but happen to be shorter in size, wear your accessories higher up on the body. This will draw the attention of others to the top of your body, and make people feel like you are taller than your size.

Try to wear minimum men’s jewelry, but ensure that that the ones that you sport are very thin in structure. A heavy and thick piece of jewelry can overwhelm you and the dress that you are wearing. If you happen to be more of a dandy, and wish to accessorize slightly more than a basic piece of jewelry, wearing accessories higher up can make you appear taller than your height. For example, putting on a hat – like a flat cap or a fedora, and a pocket square can actually make you appear taller.

Wear the right clothes

It can be quite frustrating to dress if you are a short person who is trying to appear taller. Some clothing items will not work on your body if you are small in size, such as dungarees. You might look like a small man or a big child, but not the adult that you wish to look to others.

Choose cropped dress pants

The lengths of these pants make them workable for varied heights and most types of body shapes. When you bare the ankles, your legs can look elongated – particularly when a trouser slim fit pant is used to complement it.

You can pair crop pants with a bootie or heel, if you are shorter. Taller ones can wear a pair of flat loafers for creating the right appearance. Whether you are short or tall, these pants can work very well for your stature and overall personality.

Choose vertical stripes

These run vertically and are free flowing in feel, and make the body look taller in size. Dressing up in clothes with vertical stripes has been a tried and tested formula for short men since ages, in an attempt to make the body look longer than it actually is.

For taller people

Try cropped pants

Even if you are a tall man, you can put on cropped pants. If the crop is not in your calf’s middle, which can make your leg appear dumpy and wide, you may put on a cropped pant and then wear it for play or work. The cropped pant has become a trend for tall man, and these can be worn to casual as well as formal settings.

Contrast the separates

If you have legs that are disproportionately longer than your torso, you may put on dark colors to adorn your upper half – which can balance you out. Separates tend to actually isolate the torso from the legs, and draw attention to the different parts of the body rather than to the stature only.

Wear horizontal stripes

This is recommended for tall men, and horizontal stripes can divide your upper body, creating a sense of separating you and making you look shorter than you actually are.

Whether it comes to shirts or tees or any other clothing, make sure that those have horizontal stripes that can create the illusion of shortening the body. Horizontal stripes have been used for a long time to achieve a sense of balance in stature, and tall men always depend on this formula.

Dressing for your own height is actually a simple task when you know how to do it. When you know your exact proportions and how to properly work them, it can be truly assistive for you. You can actually influence how people look at your height. In case you are on the shorter side, it is essential that you know that the fit of your apparels matter a lot. However, if you are taller in stature, you have to choose clothes with care that do not bring too much focus on your elongated torso or legs.


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