How to dress like Keanu Reeves: Keanu Reeves Best Outfits

Keanu Reeves outfit styles

 How to rock Keanu Reeves Clothing Styles

This Christmas you may have planned to surprise your friends and family members by dressing like Keanu Reeves. This Hollywood celebrity is well-known for his sense of style and making bold statements with his choice of apparel. There are several Keanu characters that you can imitate depending on your moods. Everyone around you is sure to be impressed with your looks.

Dresses to choose to wear like Keanu Reeves

Bill & Ted

Kaenu Reeves costume from Bill & Ted stylish

This 1989 movie series has Keanu sporting a wonderful costume. You can dress like Ted and win everyone’s heart. You will require a black vest, white band shirt, long-sleeve orange-colored button-down shirt, black shorts layered upon gray sweatpants. Also will be needed funky socks and high top sneakers. You can grab this costume at Amazon only for $49.

John Wick Keanu

John Wick Keanu Reeves outfit style

This is one of the most badass characters of Keanu. It is about a retired assassin with a strong love for his dead ex-wife and dogs. In all three movies, Wick is seen to be a stylish dude. You can choose any costume of your choice from the series. For this, you will require a tie, black shirt, shoes and jacket.


Keanu Reeves outfit from Speed movie

This 1994 released action movie has Keanu playing the role of an LAPD officer named Jack Traven. The costume worn by Keanu is an all-time hit. For this costume, you will require a white tee, long-sleeve denim button-down shirt, tan pants, brown shoes and brown belt.

Always Be My Maybe

Keanu Reeves outfit Always Be My Maybe

It is considered to be one of the most popular romantic comedy movies on Netflix in 2019. Here, Reeves plays himself but appears in just two scenes. However, they are quite hilarious and worth the mention. For this costume, you will require black shoes, black pants, black velvet suit jacket or blazer, thick-rimmed black glasses, a scarf and a charcoal shirt.


Keanu Reeves popular outfit from Constantine

In this 2005 released movie, Keanu is noticed to be a bit edgier and plays the role of John Constantine. The character is a demon-fighter / supernatural detective wearing a tie and suit. For this costume, you will require a tie and a suit.

Something’s Gotta Give

Keanu reeves outfi from something gotta give movie

It is considered to be one of the most underrated roles played by Keanu. The character in this movie is a dreamy doctor named Julian Mercer. His responsibility is to take care of Harry, Jack Nicholson’s character. Keanu is a nice hot guy wearing simple, but great looking outfits. If you desire to sport this look, then you can wear the black, sharp-looking turtleneck similar to the one he wears. Otherwise, you can choose to wear a blue-colored short-sleeve shirt. For this costume, you will require a white lab coat and blue scrubs.

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Much Ado About Nothing

Keanu Reeves outfit from Much Ado About Nothing

For modern-day Keanu fans, it can be quite a shock. This 1993 rom-com is based on Shakespeare’s famous play bearing the same name. In this movie, Keanu plays the role of Don John and the outfit worn is pretty dashing. For this costume, you will require a short white jacket with black lapels and silver buttons, black leather pants, loose white-colored button-down shirt.


Keanu Reeves wetsuit outfit from Pointbreak

This 1991 movie has Keanu plays the role of Johnny Utah, a federal agent. He is tasked to get undercover and befriend some surfers who are actually bank robbers. The costume worn is quite refreshing and is quite different from the ones that he wears in earlier movies. For this costume, you will require a wetsuit and a surfboard.

The above movies will help you to dress like Keanu Reeves and become the center of attraction. Doing some research will enable you to find more such choices.


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