How to Follow Latest Fashion Trends – How to look Stylish

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Up-to-date With Latest Fashion and Style Trends

These days your appearance makes so much difference, whether it’s a date or job interview or normal life situations, staying up to date with latest fashion trends is essential. Wearing trendy and nice clothes boosts your confidence level and also helps you get more opposite sex attention.

But fashion trends changes very fast, sometimes it feels like impossible to stay up to date with them.

Don’t Worry! You don’t have to spend hours of your daily time to find out latest fashion trends neither you have to spend lots of money on trying fashion trends or buying trendy clothes and accessories.

Now let’s jump right into it.

Social Media

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Yes, there are hundreds of social media accounts that posts latest fashion trends for both men and women.

Follow some reputable fashion related social media accounts, I find Instagram and Pinterest to be the best fashion and style social media channels.

All you need to do is to just follow and set notifications on from your favorite social media accounts.

There are options to save on Instagram and you can save pins from the Pinterest as well. Make a collection of your favorite outfits or accessories.

I will later explain why I asked you to save posts on your social media account.

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Fashion Magazines and Blogs

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Magazines are outdated but i still have subscription from my favorite magazines. They aren’t expensive and very helpful in spotting fashion trends.

You can either have a digital copy subscription or paper version. You can check them out every weekend or whenever you have free time.

Another great way to stay up to date with latest styles and fashion trends is to follow famous fashion, style and showbiz blogs.

There are so many good blogs with free subscriptions, you can sign up for free weekly newsletters.

Best Women’s Fashion & Style Blogs



Best Men’s Fashion & Style Blogs



Fashion Beans

Public Observation

When you are walking out, you can spot or observe what people are wearing, if something is trendy, you will often find that many people are wearing same type of outfits or accessories.

This is one of my best strategy to spot fashion trends and always trying out new stuff.


Women holding a YouTube icon

YouTube is another great source to get latest fashion trend updates, there are so many YouTube’s who are actually making good effort to educate people about clothing and grooming.

I find it absolutely amazing to be able to watch someone trying different types of clothing and explaining about them.

This way you get an idea about how that specific outfit or accessories gonna look like on you.

Shopping Malls

You don’t have to spend any money yet! Go checkout clothes in the shopping Malls that are actually famous, you can find the most lastest styles at the shopping malls, you can try those outfits for free and at the malls and find out, how they look on you by taking pictures.

Now money isn’t an issue, you can purchase them right from the shopping mall.If you are on a tight budget, you can simply buy them from outlet or from original copy (a good copy of a branded outfit or item) shops in the local clothing markets.



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