How to get rid of razor bumps fast

How to get rid of razor bumps fast

6 ways to cure razor bumps fast

On using hair removal techniques like plucking, waxing or shaving, you are likely to develop ingrown hairs referred to as razor bumps. Its medical term is pseudofolliculitis barbae which develops as hair grows back into skin instead of up & out. New skin cells develop over hair and get trapped, thereby resulting in bump and can develop on any body part like the public area under arms, legs, head or face.

6 treatment methods for faster cure for razor bumps

Glycolic acid

Being alpha-hydroxyl acid, using it helps to peel your skin by eliminating old cells from your skin surface. As pores get clogged by excess skin cells, razor bumps develop, thus trapping hair within. These cells can be removed with Glycolic acid and allow hair to emerge to the surface.

Salicylic acid

Being beta hydroxyl acid, it helps to peel or exfoliate the skin cells. It unclogs pores and combats inflammation by penetrating oil glands within the skin. It removes dead skin cells and alleviates razor bumps, thus allowing ingrown hair to emerge from the pores and reduce bump appearance.


Dead skin cells which trap hairs inside and plug the pores can be removed with a physical or mechanical scrub. They contain tiny beads, grounded fruit pits or sugar. It helps to free ingrown hairs and remove debris by sloughing off physically dead skin cells.

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Pointed, sterile tweezers can be used to pull out visible ingrown hair. Eliminating trapped hair can remove razor bump quickly. Before tweezing, sterilize tweezers using alcohol and cleanse your hands and skin with water and soap. But do not use it if there is no visible hair on skin surface to avoid injury, infection and irritation.

Use warm washcloth

You need to apply wet, warm washcloth on your skin to soften it and draw ingrown hair outwards, especially if you pair this technique with any of the above treatment methods.

Brush gently your skin

Use soft brush to remove debris and dead skin cells that clogs pores in shaved areas. Regular brushing can help eliminate current & formation of new razor bumps.

Using the above ways, you can effectively treat razor bumps.


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