How to Get Shredded Back – Workout Plan for Your Back


 Ultimate Back Workout for both Men and Women – Shredded Workout Routine 2019

We often see guys and girls in the gym with wide and ripped back, having a shredded back gives a great look to your overall physique and makes your outfits look more attractive. Strength in the upper, middle and lower back is integral to your overall health.

Getting a shredded back is more than just having that sexy v-taper like Superman. Strong back gives you strength to perform every workout without getting injured. Let’s jump into the workout plan for shredded back.

Back Workout

man climbing rope
man climbing rope

When it comes to performing weight lifting exercises, many people make mistakes here. They think it’s a race and they just need to finish their rep goals as fast as they can. It might work, but if you want greater results, try to go slow and focus on body movements.

Perform each exercise properly and don’t worry about the reps. This workout plan is for advanced trainers. If you are a  beginners, just decrease the reps and sets.

7 Best exercises for a perfect shredded back

1. TRX Row

woman doing TRX row exercise
TRX row

The TRX Row exercise works on the strength development of the upper back. While the TRX Row mainly works the lats and other muscles in the back, this exercise also strengthens your hand grip, shoulders, and core.

3 Sets : 12-15 Reps

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2. TRX Flyes

woman doing TRX fly exercise
TRX fly

This is another great exercise for your upper middle and lower back.

Set 1 : 8-10 Reps

Set 2 : 10 Reps

Set 3 : To the failure

1-3 minutes break

3. TRX Face Pull with External Rotation

woman doing TRX/cable face pull exercise
TRX/cable face pull exercise

Face pull is a very effective exercise for upper back and shoulders. Go little heavy on low resp to get that shredded upper back. Perform this exercise in right form to avoid any shoulder injuries.

Set 1 : 8-10 Reps

Set 2 : 10 Reps

Set 3 : To the failure

1-3 minutes break

4. Bodyweight Wide-Grip Pull-Up

woman doing bodyweight pull up exercise
bar bodyweight pull-up

This one is little tough but should not be underestimated, this exercise got me some great results in overall shape of my back.

Set 1 : 8-10 Reps

Set 2 : 10 Reps

Set 3 : To the failure

1-3 minutes break

5. Weighted Wide-Grip Pull-Up


You can start with light weight and as you grow your strength, you can increase weight weekly. Don’t go too heavy at beginning, chances are you might do it wrong and end up getting injured.

Sets: 4

Reps: 8-10

6. Seated Cable Row

man doing seated cable row exercise
seated cable row exercise

This is a monter exercise for your lower back, it removes all the fat from your lower back and builds lean mass. A must do exercise for back.

Sets: 5

Reps: 10-15

7. Overhead Press

man doing overhead press exercise
Overhead press

Last but not the least, overhead press is great exercise for lower and middle back. Definitely helps in gaining those extra pounds of muscle in your back.

Set: 4

Reps: 12-15

 Eat 3- 4 Healthy meals a Day

diet plan
healthy food

You need to be disciplined with your meal plan. Eat 3-4 healthy meals a day, foods like chicken breast, whole grain bread, nuts, milk, eggs. Nutrition plays a very big role in getting that shredded mass on your body.

Many people think it’s hard or expensive to get proper food, guess what? it isn’t that hard. You can cook your entire week’s food and keep it in the refrigerator. Checkout this  bodybuilding meal planning book.

Take Quality Supplements

man taking supplement
man taking supplement

It is recommended to get some supplements when you are weight lifting. Supplements make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and can even give you an advantage and enhance your training when taken right and combined with a good diet.

You can check out our recommended supplements for more details.

Get Enough Rest

man sleeping after workout
man sleeping

Make sure you get at-least 8 hours of sleep. Our muscles grows while our body is in rest mode. If you want to gain muscle and get shredded, you need to give your muscles proper workout, food and rest.

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