How to keep yourself looking good all the times


The fact is that men are less fussy about their health and looks and simply go on with their life as it is. But men these days have become more self-conscious and have realized the importance being in the best of health and appear good all the time. Self-care, at its core can be stated to be a set of practices, regimens or rituals. It helps you to re-center, recharge as well as achieve better balance while enhancing happiness and overall well-being. But self-care does require some dedication and taking out time, effort to focus on yourself. It is rather much more than merely pampering yourself.

Why men require self-care?

Self-care can be termed to be an act to take out valuable time to focus properly on yourself. For this, you are to allocate some time that can be daily or even weekly. You just need to put back your stressors. With the recent pandemic causing extreme stress and tension, it is time to focus more on enhancing mental health. One among three adults is reported to suffer from depressive disorder or anxiety symptoms caused by the pandemic. Hence, self-care should be made a priority to appear good all the time, even during tough times.

There is no standard formula present to ensure self-care. Rather, men like women should take proper care of their physical, emotional and mental health. Self-care may mean anything that allows you to stay mentally and physically well even in isolation.

Tips to create a viable self-care regimen

It is better to practice self-care step-wise instead of trying to change your life overnight. Select an area where you can inculcate new habits. Seek more motivation to stick to improving that area.

  • Recite Affirmations:

It is essential to realize power of affirmations. The truth is uttering several simple words can help improve your life significantly. Affirmations are stated to be positive statements allowing you to overcome negative, self-sabotaging thoughts by ‘rewiring’ your mind. It permeates your subconscious & conscious minds, thereby reprogramming your thinking patterns. You may customize is based on your preferences. To derive the benefits, you need to follow it for minimum thirty days.

  • Exercise:

Undertaking various types of physical activities does help provide psychological benefits. It includes better sleep, reduced anxiety, depression and higher self-esteem. Regular exercises allows your body to release ‘feel good’ sensation hormone or ‘endorphins’ quite similar to morphine. This way, your body can remain healthy and in excellent shape. It also helps initiate self-care regimen. Nature walks can help enhance your self-care regimen. Fresh air when inhaled can prove to be healing and soothing to your soul.

  • Enhance Mix with CBD:

Its shows versatility in use and can help control anxiety attacks, and provide relief to arthritis and stiff joints. It also soothes your skin if inflamed from acne. CBD is referred to as cannabidiol, an active ingredient derived from marijuana (cannabis) flower. It is non-psychoactive without providing a high similar to THC. You may add it to your self-care regimen program. This ingredient is available in different forms and can help in different ways.

  • Start Journaling:

Whatever be your hobbies, develop journaling habit. It can make your brain to seek positive things like positivity, dreams, gratitude. This is irrespective of the form you adopt like sketching, free writing, bullet journaling, etc. Regular practice will help you to avoid focusing on imperatives or negatives in life. Journaling also provides introspection opportunities while offering valuable space to set goals, track progress made and be accountable.

  • Adaptogens:

Stress has become a common problem in today’s world that is filled with chaos. We try to find balance constantly. Stress is known to cause physical havoc upon the human body. It includes insomnia, sexual desire loss, etc. However, personal wellness programs may include adaptogens to counteract such harmful effects. Ashwagandha is one such popular adaptogen available for men. This herb has essential properties that allow cortisol level regulation in men. This hormone controls stress hormones. Simultaneously, it develops testosterone (a sex hormone, DHEA) to enhance male vigor.

  • Essential oils:

A simple, but highly effective way to ensure self-care is to use essential oils daily. These are plant-derived compounds and are known for their medicinal properties and scents or ‘essence’. Inhaling them can help promote overall health. It interacts with your limbic system. You can come across different types of essential oil staples like:

Lavender: It helps manage anxiety and stress. You may use carrier oil or diffuser to dilute as well as apply it topically.

Peppermint: It can help enhance focus, concentration, stimulates your mind and boosts energy. You may apply one drop right under the nose or in the diffuser.

Rosemary: Essential oils when applied to the hair can help encourage hair growth. It strengths blood circulation in the scalp region, prevents falling out of hair follicles. Its limitless versatility allows you to include it to the diffuser, shower, massage oil, hair care and for foot soak.

Cedarwood: It induces sleep. Topical application is possible on the wrists, temples and brow ridge.

  • Herbal Tea:

You can soothe and calm your mind by sipping some herbal teas that is being used for several centuries. It also offers several health benefits. It encourages your senses with naturally occurring sedatives. You can enjoy better sleep quality and complete relaxation. Herbal brew when added to the brew can provide that calming effect to assist your mind and body to prepare for good sleep.

  • Nighttime routine:

When self-care is concerned, good sleep for at least 8 hours daily is vital. However, it is often the most overlooked factor and ignored by many. You need to establish proper nighttime routine as it helps charge your batteries. It makes you feel refreshed, improve energy, productivity, maintain healthy weight and help you to appear handsome.

The fact is that the past one and half years have been quite stressful for people of all ages entire world. Many men have lost their jobs or someone dear in their family or friends. It has become important to build immunity and ensure self-care.  This will help foster healthy mind while renew your souls.


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