How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens


Every teen wants to look their best. Today, most teens are interested in losing weight. Some young adults simply want to slim down a bit because society says it’s the thing to do, while others want to lose weight because it’s a battle of the bulge. The fact is that most people (teens included) have at least 10 pounds of excess fat they can lose without much effort and without depriving themselves of enjoyable, nutritious foods.

Losing weight is not an easy thing for a teenager, not like an adult. For teenagers, losing weight can be so hard because they have a lot of activities in their life and losing weight will make them tired easily, but if you want to lose your weight fast for teen girls or boys, here are some tips for you.

Teenagers are in their adolescent stages, it means that their bodies are growing every day. This is the time when they need to consume a lot of healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits, because these kinds of foods provide vitamins and minerals needed by teenagers to keep their body stay healthy. However, the main source of energy for teenagers is carbohydrate. So they need to consume carbohydrates in their daily life. Carbohydrates are rich in calories, so this is why many teenagers gain more weight than adults do, because of their fast metabolism rate.

Losing Weight with Healthy Eating

Teens who want to lose weight fast should try to do it in a healthy way. Eating properly will help teens lose weight quickly and safely. In addition, teens should use a weight loss calculator to see how many calories they need each day to maintain their current weight. Let’s discuss about some important points about healthy eating that will help you to reduce weight fast.

1. Start your day with healthy breakfast

It is very important point which can help you reduce your weight. So always try to eat healthy in breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day so try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits in breakfast.

2. Eat Complex Carbohydrates

Try to eat complex carbohydrates because they are rich in fiber such as whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

A healthy diet has many benefits for teens, not just when it comes to losing weight. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients like vegetables and fruits will help keep you feeling full for longer periods of time, so you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks. And eating more protein-rich foods like lean meats and fish will help increase your energy level as well as boost your immune system.

4. Eat more Produce

Vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts have few calories compared to what you get in return – all the important vitamins and minerals your body needs, plus fiber and water to fill you up. Think of them as nature’s candy, only much better for you.

5. Eat less Meat

Meat is the most energy-dense food you can eat – a lot of calories per ounce. That’s great when you need a lot of calories, but not so good when you’re trying to lose weight. If meat is your main source of protein, try eating more beans and lentils instead. They’re high in protein too, but much lower in fat and calories.

6. Stay away from Fad Diets

There are many fad diets available online which promise quick weight loss but they are not healthy and they do not work well in the long term. Fad diets often restrict certain food groups which leave people deficient in nutrients like vitamins, calcium etc. Such diets may also cause indigestion, constipation and other digestive problems

7. Drink Green Tea Instead of Soda

If you are trying to lose weight fast for teens and you still drink soda, now is a good time to stop. Switching from soda to green tea can help you cut out a lot of empty calories each day and will help speed up your rate of weight loss. You can also substitute water for diet soda if need be.

8. Reduce your Portion Sizes

Reducing your portion sizes can be a big help when you are trying to lose weight fast for teens. Being able to do this helps you eat less without having to deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods. Try cutting back on the amount of pasta or rice that you normally eat at dinner and then load up on salad instead.

Losing weight for teens with healthy habits

Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles are some of the main reasons why weight issues are common among teens. As a teenager, you will be able to drop considerable pounds over time if you adopt the following habits:

9. Talk to Your Doctor Before You Make Any Changes

It is important to talk with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet plan. Your doctor can give you a physical exam to make sure there are no medical issues that will be made worse by fasting or heavy exercise. They can also recommend safe ways for you to lose weight if necessary.

10. Set a Goal

Most teens have a goal in mind when they start a new diet, but writing it down and making a plan can help you stick to your progress and reach your goal more quickly. According to KidsHealth, setting an attainable goal will motivate you to stay on track even when the going gets tough. Make sure your goal is realistic; if you’re 5’6″ and weigh 200 pounds, for example, it’s not likely that you’ll fit into size 00 jeans after just one month on a diet.

11. Drink water

Water is one of the most important substances in the body. Most of our body is made up of water and it is used by all the cells in our body to carry out their functions. Water regulates our body temperature, lubricates our joints and helps us get rid of waste materials through sweating, urinating and bowel movement. Drinking water can make us feel full without adding any calories to our daily intake. Water also helps in digesting food and removing unwanted toxins from the body. For these reasons, it is important that we drink plenty of water every day- at least 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.

12. Get Active at Home

If you are busy with schoolwork and extracurricular activities and don’t have much time for the gym, there are plenty of ways to get active at home. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at school or run around the block on your lunch break. If you have a dog, take him for long walks in the neighborhood after school or on weekends. You can also do push-ups and sit-ups during commercials while watching TV or doing lunges in the hallway before bedtime.

13. Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important when trying to lose weight fast for teens. When we sleep our bodies use up any extra energy we have stored up during the day. This means that if we don’t get enough sleep, we will be less likely to burn off those extra calories at night. Getting enough sleep (6-8 hours per night) will help your body to run more efficiently, and can also help you reduce the amount of food you eat during the day by making you feel more energetic and less hungry.


So there you have it, the best ways on how to lose weight fast for teens. All that is left for you to do is to put this advice into action and see the weight fall off.


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