How to make lower abs more visible?


The abs consist mostly of slow muscle fibres. This means that even with a suitable reinforcement program, they can not become much bigger. So we can do as many exercises as we want, it is above all the percentage of fat that determines the visibility of the abdominals.

Reduce fat mass

Healthy eating is essential. It should include starchy foods, lean protein (with low carbohydrates and fat), and good fats such as avocado and nuts. To reduce body fat, the body must use energy reserves so that the body consumes fat.

Much of the energy from starchy foods, it is important not to consume more than necessary. Fat in the body reduces when you burn more calories than you consume.

Combining cardiovascular training and bodybuilding helps boost metabolism. The more effective it is, the faster the body ingests food.

You have to know that you hardly lose fat at a specific place. The fat mass reduces in general and can not necessarily lighten only in the lower belly. Not seeing his abs yet does not necessarily mean that the muscles of the abdomen are weak.

Strengthen your abs

So that the body avoids storing too much fat in a zone, it must be solicited. Strengthening your abdominals also allows you to better use them in sports, functional activity (every day) and in specific abs exercises.

The sheath strengthens the muscles of the anterior (front of the body) in depth. This exercise is also simple and adaptable to almost any level. Isometric contraction, which means that the muscles are contracted in a static way, is a good way to increase the force.

Training in Total Resistance eXercise (TRX), also called “suspension training” is also a good method of working the abs. Out of the US military, it allows performing a variety of exercises with straps fixed in height.

Incorporating strength, balance and flexibility, all exercises at TRX work abs. This method is also practical because it allows nothing with these straps to work the whole body at home, or outdoors.

Activate the lower part of the abs

In general, when performing exercises for the abs, all the right abdomen is requested. The different areas work together at different intensities.

It may be that the lower part works less if you perform the exercises, such as crunches, too quickly, before knowing how to solicit these muscles properly.

Some exercises target the lower abdominal area with more precision. For example :

– Suspended knee lifts: While standing on a bar or on a Roman chair, raise your knees towards your chest.

– Inverted crunches: Lie on your back, bend your knees and bring them to your chest as you lift the pelvis off the ground.

– Mountain climbers: On the hands and toes, bring one knee to the chest at a time.

Performing these exercises 2 to 3 times a week can be a good way to make sure the lower abdominals are active. Remember to keep the abs wrapped during any other exercise, such as squats or running. Soliciting them in this way is not only beneficial for the strengthening of the abdomen, but also for the posture.

A lot of things to take into account to make the lower part of the abs more visible. Even if the first steps seem difficult, with perseverance these efforts become habits … 6, or even 8 squares of chocolate can wait in reward.


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