How to Pack Your Gym Bag – Items You Need For Gym


What Gym Gear I Should Pack in My Gym Bag?

Gym Bag Essentials Guide 2019

“You can workout without any gear, all you need is dedication toward your fitness goals.”

However there are a few key things that might make your workout experience much better. Gym gears  can improve your workout and reduce the chances of you getting injured during your workout session and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

The right workout gear and accessories also boosts your energy levels.

For anyone who goes to the gym frequently, packing a gym bag becomes fairly automatic. Your gym bag reflect your fitness goals and personality. There are a few essentials that every gym bag should have. These basic gym essentials are perfect for everyone with any fitness goal.

 Workout Clothes

couple doing exercise in fit gym clothes
couple working out

This is very important for you to wear proper workout clothes. It’s not necessary to buy expensive workout clothes. You just need to find something that don’t restrict your movement and you can breathe easily.

Wearing good workout clothes also make you feel confident and comfortable while doing your exercises. You should find some good sports shoes, many people make a mistake by not wearing proper workout shoes. It’s never a good experience.

So make sure you wear proper clothing for the gym.

Towel and Dirty Clothing Bag

woman carrying gym towel
woman carrying gym towel

We workout, we sweat! You can pack a towel in your gym bag. You don’t want to make gym equipment wet all over the place. After or during  your workout session you can clean yourself with the towel.

Carry a dirty clothing bag, so you can keep your used clothes in it. This is a very good habit for every trainer.

Water Bottle 

woman drinking water from gym water bottle
woman drinking water

You need to stay hydrate during your workouts. You should drink water during your workouts to stay hydrate. Many gyms have water fountains all around the place. But, if your gym doesn’t have it, you might need to bring a water bottle. You should get a open sports water bottle. 

Weight Lifting Gear

man wearing weight lifting belt
man wearing weight lifting belt

Weight Lifting Gear is a MUST for beginners and advanced weight lifters.  You don’t want to get injured by doing heavy lifting without  support. Below is the list of weight lifting gear both men and women can use.

1. Weight Lifting Belt – Weight  lifting Belts help promote good form while lifting. Avoid injury and maximize your exercise performance. They supports your back while providing you the mobility to perform multiple exercises.

2. Weight Lifting Gloves – Weight Lifting gloves  gives protection on both the palm&back of your hands. Lock Padding on the Palm and Every Finger to offer a stronger grip and prevent from blister.

3. Knee Support  Lessen the stress on the knee caps. Add stability & support to weaker joints. So you can focus on your workout without any pain.

4. Elbow Compression Sleeve – Supports stiff and sore muscles and joints while still allowing you to retain your range of motion!

Supplements and Shaker

man holding protein shaker
man holding protein shaker

Gym bag without a shaker? Nope! You can use it for your all of your refreshment needs. Be sure to grab a good shaker bottle. You can also consider packing small protein bars for your post workout. It is much better to carry your post workout supplements in your gym bag.You can take them right after your workout.

iPod and Headphones

This one is optional. I personally like to listen music while working out. It varies on people. I have downloaded all my favorite songs which i listen to while workout. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated.

So, There you go! there are countless other gym gears out there but these are some of the most useful gym gears. 


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