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How to wear hip hop clothes without looking like a fool?

Hip-hop, the popular genre of African-American music, was launched in 1973 and has come a long way ever since. At that time, popular fashion or pop-fashion was starting to come into its own and more people were opening up to experimenting with clothes and not stay bound to the view of style imposed on them by the society. With time, rappers like Pharrell Williams, Diddy and Kanye West began to launch clothing lines of their own. If you want to dress like a rap artist, but secretly fear that you might emerge looking like a fool, here are some tips to help you wear hip-hop clothes and look smart.

Go with a brand that suits you

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There are plenty of hip-hop artists coming into the world of fashion, and it can be quite easy for you to get a style that suits you. There is Rihanna’s ‘River Island Collection’, Jay-Z’s ‘Rocawear’ and P.Diddy’s ‘Sean John’ to name a few apparel lines that you can choose from.

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Look for befitting clothes

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Hip-hop clothes are available in varied sizes, and you have to choose apparels that fit your own body type. When you wear something that is too big or too tight for your body, you seem to be trying very hard and look something that you are not. But that is not what Hip-Hop is. It is about self-expression and displaying your own tastes in fashion and making your inner goodness shine.

Get age-appropriate dresses

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Even if you are an ‘80s kid, and saw hip-hop fashion come into its own, you can find that the type of style that fit you has now taken a turn in various directions. The Adidas sneakers, large rimmed sunglasses and red Kangol hats that looked cool then would be good only for imitating retro fashion and not make you look contemporary. You would like to, and obviously find, hip-hop outfits that are more modern and which can suit your age.

Get the best pants

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Sagging pants are commonly attributed to Hip-hop fashion, but your choices are not just limited to that. You can find skinny jeans of bright color at the fashion forefront today, along with creased shorts and leather leggings. You have to think of the pant as the foundation of your hip-hop fashion and begin from that point. You should skip a baggy shirt in case you are putting on a sagging pant. You need to match up the pant that you wear with a simple tee or a traditional sweater beneath your jacket.

Get the right footwear

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The right shoes can make your hip-hop outfit, or break it – whether you wish to go around the town for a night out or intend to have a casual look. Adidas and Nike are the biggest brands for sneakers of hip-hop style. If you need a pair of stylish high top boots, go for Baby Phat. You can find more options than imaginable when you go out looking for fancy shoes to complete your hip hop look. There are Mid-rise work boots of Suede, High top sneakers and Flat sneakers without laces.

Wear that customary baseball cap

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This cap is just what you need to complete your look, and you do not really need to limit yourself to the team that you love. These types of caps are available in varied colors, style and graphics for you to pick from, and can allow you to make a fantastic fashion statement in any type of occasion. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can get a fitted baseball cap for your own hip hop ensemble.

Try a pair of colorful sweatpants

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There are tight fitted crop pants to stylish hip hop dance pants and more, which can be topped off with a stylish pair of high heels. You can find that there are plenty of sweatpant options now than at any time before. When you combine your sweat-pant with a jersey, or a hoodie, and a crop-top, you can make your hip-hop style of dressing look more fashionable in just a few minutes. You may consider a Spandex pant pr track suit from Adidas, in case you want to try out a retro hip-hop look.

Accessorize the dress

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Try to accessorize without doing a lot. You can go for Bling, which was very popular at one time, or keep things simpler with minimalistic watches, belt buckles and rings. In hip-hop fashion for women, it is possible to accessorize a whole ensemble with a small chain and basic hooped earrings. There is no need to go for huge necklaces or put on too much bling to look like the stars that you have grown up watching in hip-hop fashion. You can emerge a winner even with minimalistic accessorizing, and give yourself a smart hip-hop makeover that makes you look ‘Hip ‘n Happening’.


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