How to Shave Your Head Without Nicks or Irritation?



For a variety of reasons, you may be asking how to shave your head. Maybe you were inspired by The Last Dance—Michael Jordan is on the Mount Rushmore of bald men. Perhaps you’re seeking the least-maintenance hairdo feasible due to quarantine. Perhaps it’s time to take a tactical retreat in the war against baldness. Everything is correct!

How to Get the Shaven-Head Look?

But, as you might expect because you’re here, shaving your hair off the head is intimidating the first moment you do it. After all, shaving your face without causing burns, pimples, irritation, scratch, or cuts may be difficult enough. And at the very least, you have a complete view of your face. Shaving your head entails going with your gut instinct or remodeling your mirror setup to match a carnival funhouse. It takes time and experience to become perfectly comfortable with the technique, and even on the first try, you can produce a smooth dome that will make the Rocks happy if you do it slowly and follow the appropriate methods.

For a clean scalp each time you shave here’s what to do:

  1. Thin And Smooth Your Hair.

Grooming your hair during or shortly after it has been cut is the greatest approach to cutting these spiky hairs. You may have to make your hair a fast cut using a trimmer. Examine your scalp for lumps and scars before shaving.

  1. Application of the Shave Gel

This will smooth your hairs, even more, increase razor glide, and prevent your skin from irritation. From start to end, Gillette shave gels and foams help you in achieving a flawless shave.

  1. Blades That Are Dull

Examine the lubrastrips after shaving. It may well be time to replace your blade if they appear worn or seem dull.

  1. Wash with gentle, gentle strokes.

Shave with uniform pressure and soft, clean strokes. Continue in a comfortable rhythm — on your second viewing, consider shifting directions and working against the direction.

  1. Shave Along Contours

The top-quality Shield razor grips include Flexball Technology, which enables the blades to rotate easily over the curves of your scalp. To protect your ear from getting nicked, fold them back as you operate around them.

  1. Rinse Blades Frequently

Once every stroke, carefully run the front and edges of the blades under the tap, then gently lift off any excess water. Taping your shaver on the sink or wiping it against a towel might shorten its life by compromising the complex shape of the blade’s parts. Washing the blade under clean water removes any leftover shaving gel, hairs, or clogged pores.

  1. Reapply Shave Gel

Make sure to apply the shave gel before reshaving any area will help avoid razor burns and discomfort.

  1. Remove The Towel

Towel off after rinsing your head with cold water.


Tips for Shaving the Head Like a Pro

Following, we have detailed a few tips for shaving the head without causing head any lumps or injuries:

  1. Using Hand to Check the Head

You should try using the non-dominant hand for checking the back of your head. It will ensure that you do not miss any hair or any scar that may irritate you later on. Also, keep in mind the hair that goes from the hairline to the neck.

  1. Clean With Warm Water.

For the same reasons that you begin a shave with a warm-water cleaning, you must do the same with soaps or shampoos. This will calm your face, smooth your hairs, and clear your pores, enabling you to shave as smoothly and frictionlessly as possible.

  1. Oiling The Head

Substituting oil for shaving cream can help mitigate and moisturize the skin and hair. Fajardo employs a wide range of oils (jojoba, castor, and coconut), however many manufacturers provide good ready-made mixtures.

  1. Use a High-Quality Razor for Shaving the Head

Is it better to use a cartridge

or a safety razor? There is no true solution. Most men also have a cartridge razor and first-timers will certainly find it a little less unpleasant in terms of finding the proper pressure and managing head postures.

  1. Use Shaving Cream.

Both gel and traditional cream perform equally effectively. Just make sure to apply a thin, even coating to your whole skull. A portable mirror will assist you in ensuring complete coverage.

  1. Use the Right Steps For Shaving the Head

As if your head were an apple, begin at the base. Shave downwards from here, all around domes, and with the line of the hair growth. Add pressure sparingly and in brief, firm strokes. Slow down.


These are some of the top ways in which you can shave your head without causing any injuries to your head. A little cut can also hurt you a lot. So, take all the necessary precautions before shaving the head.


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