How to Shave Your Pubic Area Safely for Man and Women

How to Shave Your Pubic Area Safely for Man and Women

Safe and Easiest Ways to Shave Your Private Parts

Not shaving private parts can bring itchiness and irritation to the private parts. Long hairs around private parts can cause disturbance in standing sitting also. If you do not care about your sensitive area, any change occurring in the vaginal pH can lead to milder and severe vaginal infections. Shaving of private parts is equally important for men too.

So, in the interest of ensuring that men and women are shaving their private parts safely and easily, we have provided separate sections of guidelines for them here:

Guidelines for Women to Shave Private Body Parts

1. Trim Your Public Hair

Shaving of the public area becomes a lot easier when you reduce your public hair to a few centimeters long.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

You should use a “loofah”, a wash cloth or a sponge for gently exfoliating your skin before you shave your skin.

3. Apply a Good Quantity of Shaving Cream

You must apply a good quantity of shaving cream on your private parts; otherwise lesser quantity of shaving cream would not remove hairs evenly from the skin.

4. Shave Gently Now

You must pull the hair with the remover in the direction of hair growth so that hair follicles are not disturbed.

5. Wash with Water

After pulling out all hairs, you must wash the private parts with water.

6. Use the Moisturizer

Lastly, you must apply fragrance-free lotion or oil on your private parts to avoid any pain.

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Guidelines for Men to Shave and Trim Pubic Area


Most men like to trim their private parts hair with a electronic trimmer or a pair of scissors. It is the most convenient and basic manner to reduce the size of the private parts hair. Always remind yourself that trimming with electronic trimmer can be done when you are not in the tub or shower area – must always be in dry area.

Shaving for Men

There are so many men who have varied opinions regarding shaving of the private parts. Some men hold belief that public hair must not be shaved as thicker hair grows, and a lot of irritation and itchiness is experienced when the hair grows back, giving a prickly and peevish feeling. However, we assure you that this is just a myth – nothing more than that. You should shave your parts if you want to keep your private parts look smoother and hairless.

A Depilatory Cream: Painless Solution

An over-the-counter is a depilatory cream which is a painless solution to your public area hair removal problem. You must bear in mind that not all depilatory creams may be work onto your skin. Your skin may not respond to them well. So, you should test the product onto your forearm or non-sensitive area to make sure that depilatory cream suits you.


Waxing strips are also an effective method to remove your public hair. With a thinner layer of warm liquid wax, remove your public hair for a longer period of time. Waxing keeps your private area clean and smoother for a longer period of time than do depilatory cream or shaving. The method of waxing is also simple. Here it is:

  • Apply the liquid wax onto the area
  • Let it dry out
  • Pull it off quickly, so that veins do not bleed

Laser Hair Removal

It is the latest and modern way of removing your hair through laser technique, which utilizes a strong beam of light to destroy a hair follicle. It is one the fastest, easiest, painless and assured way to removing the hair. Thus, hair eventually comes out and falls off.


All in all, both men and women should first take a look at the type of their skin, and then choose what method or type of cream best suits them.


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