How Uli Latukefu Trained For The Role of “Young Rock”

How Uli Latukefu Trained For The Role of 'Young Rock'

Actor Uli Latukefu’s workout and diet plan for his role in “Young Rock”

“Young Rock” is NBC’s new sitcom series which tells the story of the great American actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson who is popularly known as “The Rock”. The series has four versions that narrate the achievements of the professional wrestler. Dwayne Johnson plays himself in theseries that premiered on February 16, 2021. Uli Latukefu is an Australian actor who plays the role of 18-20 years old Dwayne Johnson in the series. On the other hand, Latukefu needed to train more on his workout to fit into this role. Latukefu’s brother Maile Latukefu guided Uli Latukefu to choose a workout routine to match Dwayne’s physicality and personality.

How Uli Latukefu transformed his body for young Dwayne Johnson’s role?

The Young Rock actor's workout routine for the role

Uli Latukefu’s workout routine mainly focused onhigh-intensity interval training workouts to get the desired shape. The actor in an interview said that he worked very hard to accomplish his goals while playing the role of young Dwayne Johnson.

Here is the workout routine of Uli Latukefu for his character in “Young Rock”.

Lateral raise

Lateral raise is one of the important exercises included in the workout to build shoulders like shoulders. The primary objective of this exercise activity is to strengthen shoulders with high success rates. It primarily targets deltoid muscles effectively that gives ways to experience a perfect look.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press is a standard upper body exercise that gives ways to build chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps muscles. It includes certain variations enabling a person to experience the desired outputs. Uli Latukefu added this workout in his daily exercise program to play the role of young Dwayne Johnson.


The pull-up is a great exercise that strengthens the back muscles, arms, and shoulder muscles which contribute more to obtain optimal results. It is an upper-body strength exercise and one can do the same by using a bar. Another thing about exercise is that it provides ways to improve fitness levels, overall body strength, and physical health. The pull-ups played a key role in Uli Latukefu’s workout program enabled him to gain more advantages.

T-bar landmine row

T-bar landmine row landmine uses a barbell and other objects to strengthen the muscles to a large extent. It involves different types and Uli Latukefu included some of them in his workout for muscles-building purposes.

Barbell squat

The barbell squat is a compound exercise that aims at targeting the lower-body muscle groups that help ensure overall strength. The activity also paves ways to add size to muscles on various parts of the body. Uli Latukefu’s workout routine includes barbell squats which aim at fulfilling the expectations of bodybuilders. The actor performed the squats regularly for toning his body.

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift is one of the main exercises meant for targeting glutes, lower back muscles, hamstrings, and hips. However, it requires proper training for meeting essential needs in the bodybuilding process. Uli Latukefu’s workout program includes Romanian deadlifts because they provide ways to tone chest muscles effectively.

All the above activitiesinvolve 4 sets of exercises with 8 to 10 reps and the actor followed them properly in the body transformation process.

Ladder drills

Ladder drill is another activity included in Uli Latukefu’s workout because it is a great cardiovascular workout that works well for the body. It is an athletic style of training enabling a person to improve speed, agility, and quickness. Another advantage of doing this activity is that it helps to improve mental health that ultimately gives ways to reduce stress or other problems.

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Types of Ladder drill exercises used by Uli Latukefu

Uli Latukefu cardio workout for Young Rock to be Dwayne the rock

Two-feet run

Two-feet run drill exercise utilizes a ladder that aims at increasing the strength of leg muscles that helps to transform the conditions. Uli Latukefu employed this technique in his workout for running purposes because Dwayne Johnson was a retired professional athlete.

Lateral in/out

Lateral in/out is another ladder drill exercise included in the workout program for enhancing athletic ability skills. It involves a rapid activity and the actor practiced correctly for his role in “Young Rock” that impressed viewers.

Ickey shuffle

Ickey Shuffle is also a ladder drill exercise included in Uli Latukefu’s workout program to focus more on his goals.

The above ladder drilling exercises included 4 sets and rest for 30 seconds.

Diet program of Uli Latukefu for his role in “Young Rock”

Young Rock actor Uli Latukefu diet plan for the role

Uli Latukefutook some time to know how professional athletes will recover from their games. Moreover, he applied the same while shooting for “Young Rock” to create the best impressions on the audience. He needed the best nutrition program for his role in the series since he followed high-intensity interval training workouts.

The actor selected Emile’s carb-conscious diet program to cut out sugars and carbs from his body. It helped a lot for him and he achieved his goals by following the program strictly. In addition to that, he used to take some protein supplements for building his muscles with high success rates.

Besides that, he used to drink black coffee in the morning to increase the low-calorie energy levels. Sometimes, he will cook himself to maintain health in a perfect state. The actor made some changes in his daily meal plan after consulting with expert nutritionists. He focused on souring carbohydrates from vegetable sources and proteins from meat, fish, etc. Apart from that, he never misses any food when he is away from his home.

Motivation is the key

The Young Rock actor's role physique breakdown

Body transformation is not an easy process and one has to do a lot of work. Actor Uli Latukefu says that motivation is the key in the bodybuilding process because it helps a lot to do exercises and other things properly. For those who want to transform their body like Uli Latukefu, having a strong determination will definitively change them. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the tips offered by fitness experts with more attention that will do major wonders. Actor Uli Latufefu set an example for individuals to shape their bodies with high-intensity workouts and a nutrition program. 


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